Showdown: Raygun Gothic Edition

Automotive styling went through a bit of a “phase” in the ’59-62ish timeframe. Gone were the iconic shapes of 55-57, but the solid lines of the mid-60s had yet to materialize. Instead, we got a mix of wannabe-rockets (See: Ford tail lights of the era) and Googie architecture inspired swoops and gauge-pods. We’ve got examples […]

Sort Beverly Hills Car Club's Listings by Price for an Endless Supply of Bad Ideas

Nothing more expensive than a cheap luxury car, they say. The Beverly Hills Car Club–actually, we’re going to digress right now. “Beverly Hills Car Club” is neither a car club nor in Beverly Hills. They’re a dealership that traffics cheaper examples of classics and exotics. Their address is a small warehouse in Lincoln Park, a […]

Pick Up this JDM Toyota Soarer Before Someone Drifts it into a Curb

The 1986-1991 Japan-only Toyota Soarer shared its chassis with the same era’s Supra, which we did get. That era’s Supras earned a reputation for joylessness, despite the 7M-GTE motor’s tolerance to turbo boost pressures commonly found on the ocean floor. The Soarer made fewer sporting claims in favor of being a grand tourer. Nevertheless, they tend to be magnets for […]

This 1965 Ford F250 Makes Me Want to Buy a Ranch

Admittedly, we’re already ahead of the curve on fourth generation F-series trucks here at Hooniverse. However, after stumbling upon this stunner of a ’65 F250 4×4, we can’t not share. 390ci V8, four-speed, 4×4, a flat bed and clean cosmetics. Honestly, there’s not much more to know or share. Without any other info, we can assume […]

1971 4×4 Eldorado Convertible May be the Zenith of Americanness

Forget the Escalade. Forget luxury crossovers trying to also be “coupes”. Forget (if you can) the Murano CrossCabrio. This is the vehicle that combines the presence of a 4×4 with the impractical jauntiness of a drop-top two door. We need to give credit to the builder for not just dropping the body on a Blazer frame, […]

1942 Packard 4×4 Ambulance: A Suitable Project on which to Toil for All Eternity

You don’t need to be a pre-war vehicle expert to immediately know a 1942 Packard is an incredibly stately vehicle. Subject of one of the best slogans ever, these were the pinnacle of American automobiles. Now, take that mental image and stretch it out to be an ambulance wagon. Now, lift it eight inches and convert to […]

LeMons Tow Rig Review: 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Before returning the our 2015 Chevrolet Silverado, I had to do my best to get the get the oil, beer, and food spills out of the bed and the wiff-of-homeless-guy out of the interior. Three days of LeMons Support duty will do that to a truck. The Car Blog Commenting Guild™ endlessly laments the increasing niceness […]


Why did Edsel fail? Common answers include overwrought, hideous or generally gynecological styling, poor assembly quality and a lack of identity in the Ford hierarchy of brands. Clearly, it’s for absence of a car-truck. Luckily, through the beauty of interchangeable parts, we can create our own from a like-year Ranchero. This seller’s gone ahead and […]

Sears Pointless 2016: Hooniverse, The Smashening

[youtube][/youtube] “So, uh, I guess we’re done”. The first time I said that, it was an unnerving realization. A week before the race, we had the car running just fine and all the major items checked off the to-do list. The carb and header were in, the new ignition system was working great, the front […]