Ten Years Later: If Anyone Needs Me, I’m in the Garage

So, first of all, Hooniverse came into existence October 1st, but our first post went live October 8th. I’m not late; everyone else was just early. I figure enough time has passed that I can give an unfiltered version of Hooniverse’s origins. To get a few things out of the way up front: 1) Rob […]

Project Car SOTU: Too Many Falcons

What do the 1960-1965 Ford Falcon and Ranchero, ‘64.5-66 Mustang, ’70-’77 Maverick, ’75-’80 Granada, ’60-’65 and ’71-77 Mercury Comet, ’75-’80 Mercury Monarch and ’77-’80 Lincoln Versailles have in common? About 80% of their engineering. That laundry list represents something like 5 million cars. Between the high sales volume and the generally unloved status of many […]

Project Car SOTU: The Ranchero(s)

Hey Everybody! Remember me? Been a while. But you don’t care about my excuses, you (might) care about my Ranchero(s). Time for an update from Rancho Ranchero….

Project Car SOTU: The Ranchero 2.0

Hey folks. It’s been a while. Might as well get back in the swing of things with a project car update. When you last saw, we’d done a little work on the rearend of the New Ranchero (Ranchero Nuevo? Two-chero? New-chero?) and were getting ready to do the cage. To fast forward through it all: […]

Hayabusa Powered Locost would Make a Fine Daily Driver

Lotus 7 clones, be they the more legit Caterham or much more DIY-y versions tend to max out the performance-per-dollar scales. They typically tip the scales between 1200 and 1500lbs, so it doesn’t take much in the way of horsepower to make an incredibly quick ride. Luckily, today’s example does’t have to make excuses for […]

Would You Rock a 1.6L Diesel Baja Bug?

The original VW 1100-1600cc engines weren’t great at anything in particular, save being ubiquitous enough for their quirks to enter near common knowledge for a generation of gearheads. They offered mid double-digit horsepower and 20s mpgs in exchange for major maintenance intervals shorter than today’s oil change gaps. Today’s eBay find forces us to wonder: […]

Showdown: Piles of Nostalgia-Shaped Rust

While almost any car in this condition would’ve been reduced to Chinese refrigerators by now, the ultra-rusty shells of cars like today’s contenders theoretically hold some value. Assuming you wanted to “bring them back”, the ’65 Mustang Fastback, a “real A-code car” creeps into the low $30k range in good, restored shape. A ’67 911s […]

US EPA Wants to End Emissions Exemption for Street Cars Turned Racecar

In a recent regulatory update, the US EPA has stated that it intends to eliminate emissions exemptions for street cars turned into competition vehicles. We really really really really¬†really hate writing about politics here, but we’re making an exception this once for two reasons: this is really really right up our collective alley and there’s […]

Add some Aussie to your Ford for Under a Grand

Australia’s identity as a bizarro North America extends beyond its geography and fauna to include the automotive population. Sure, the Big Three did battle down under, but straight sixes were the weapons of choice in many cases. We’ve covered the Chrysler Hemi Six before, but today we’re taking a moment to appreciate a screaming deal […]