On the backroads of my home

So I know, it’s been a whiles since this olelongrooffan has contributed anything here in the Hooniverse. Just under four years ago, upon arriving here in the Music Capital of the World after my Unexpected Road Trip adventure, a series of posts made their way regarding the automotive goings on around these here Ozarks. After […]

The More Things Change: Trucks At That Street Rod Show

More than a few years ago, this olelongrooffan first heard the phrase from some unremembered, unnamed oldtimer, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Well, it appears that our favorite go to Hooniverse may be headed for some changes but one thing will remain the same for as long as it fits […]

Just Cleaning Up The Thumbdrives: VW Ads

So this olelongrooffan has been spending some of my free time lately trying to organize the over 5,000 images I have saved to several different thumbdrives over the past few years. Some of the many images I have saved have been Vintage VW Ads. Most were created by Doyle, Dane and Bernbach and their early […]

A Rare Three Wheeler

So the other day this olelongrooffan was out and about, cruising down old Route 66 here in the Queen City of The Ozarks and spotted this contraption offered for sale. It was parked on the sidewalk outside of those nearly commonplace antique shops lining that historic roadway.

Don't Squash That Gold Bug

Many of the undertakings this olelongrooffan has shared with my fellow Hoons have been described as “Went There, Saw That” experiences and many of those experiences have been at car shows, both local and national in exposure. I have also noted that the capture of images of Tri 5 Bowties at those shows has not […]

Truck Thursday: Not Your Average Craigslist Barn Find

This olelongrooffan is not sure as to whether or not my fellow Hoons remember the oldstationbus of which I was the caretaker for a few years a whiles back. It was a 1963 Ford Falcon Station Bus, a sister to the Ford Econoline. When it was acquired off of the bay that is e out […]

Just An Afternoon Drive With This olelongrooffan

So one of the things this olelongrooffan enjoys doing and has done in every place lived in over the years is to stumble upon some obscure roadway, drive until lost and then try to find the way back to the taj mahal. And one of the most satisfying aspects of an experience such as this […]

The 21st Annual Ozark Trails Orphan Car Show

So quite a whiles back, this olelongrooffan had the opportunity to attend a smallish Orphan Car Show here in the Music Capital of the World. It was sponsored by the Studebaker Driver’s Club so it is only appropriate the majority of attendees were products of Raymond Loewy’s Design Team. Needless to say, a longroof is […]

Quick Pic: The Chrysler Sebring

This olelongrooffan never realized wheels from this gen Sebring are worth so much money that stealing them is worthwhile. Image Copyright Hooniverse 2017/longrooffan

Truck Thursday: Long Shots: Nice Truck, Hombre

The other day this olelongrooffan was out and about round these Ozark Mountains and came across a vehicle that had previously passed under my relatively limited new car radar. I was unaware that these were even in production as late as 2009, although given their limited production numbers, this olelongrooffan isn’t totally surprised. My fellow […]