BFGoodrich launches Trail-Terrain T/A – K02 for smaller cars

Trail-Terrain T/A

We love the BFGoodrich K02 All-Terrain tires here at Hooniverse. Jeff has them on his Montero, I have them on my 4Runner, Josh has the on his Golf Alltrack (!), and Chris had them on his Land Cruiser. But the issue with the KO2s is that they are all-terrain light truck (LT) tires. They tend […]

Project Cars – When It’s Time to Let Go

lada lemons jalopnik hooniverse

Most of us car idiots are on constant search for cool project cars. For many of us it is a way of coping with undiagnosed ADHD or perhaps it is it a form of therapy we don’t know we need. For others, it is an escape from a stressful world into an environment that they […]

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 doesn’t understand compromises

wrangler rubicon 392

The 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392. I came here to tell you that the 6.4-liter V8 engine is too big and too heavy for the Wrangler. I came to say that having 470-horsepower is just dumb in a vehicle that’s designed to conquer Moab. I expected to tell you that high center of gravity and […]

Ford finally explains Bronco hardtop and vehicle order issues

Ford has sent a five-page letter to its dealers about the mess that has become the Ford Bronco. It is a well-written letter and if you have a vehicle on order it is really worth your time. They address the hardtop issues (spoiler: in needs replacement) and general order issues. Ford continues to promise to […]

Craigslist: Bitchin’ ’62 Power Wagon

A few months ago I spotted this Power Wagon and was immediately floored by its awesomeness. It’s so perfectly imperfect. It’s beat without being crap. It’s cared for but not loved. It’s used but not abused. It’s what every new truck wants to be when it’s retired. And now I spotted it again, on Craigslist. […]

Hooniverse Asks: Will Personal Luxury Coupes make a comeback?

Watching the new Grand Tour episode, the Lochdown, last night I instantly fell in love with the Lincoln that Jeremy Clarkson was driving. That Mark V coupe looked just so, so right to me. I instantly imagined myself driving a slightly restomoded version of it cross-country. I’d keep the modifications light, to ones that increase […]

Ridiculous dealer mark-ups now on the 4Runner TRD Pro

The fifth generation Toyota 4Runner has been around since the 2010 model year. Algebra tells that this is 11 models years, ignoring the fact that the mechanicals date back to the fourth generation 4Runner. Despite that age, it is a solid rig. My 4Runner is over ten years old and in that time only one […]

Wagon Wednesday: The Saab 900 Kombi

It never existed. Well, two prototypes were created by a Swedish company Nilsson Special Vehicles AB. They modified two Saab 900s and converted them into longroof models. Only one of them seems to exist today. But just look at what could have been. I came upon this picture by coincidence. Doing more research on it I […]

Bronco order saga: soft now and hard later

bronco order soft hard top

At the end of May, the Bronco news from Ford was that they had no idea when they will be able to produce my Bronco. Sucky situation, no doubt. Then, earlier this month Ford issued a huge press release that ’21 Bronco production is finally starting. Rejoice. But there are still some issues… Hard top […]

Build your own 2022 Ford Raptor

2022 ford raptor

The 2022 Ford Raptor configurator went live today. You should now kill an hour of your day building a Raptor to your spec. Unlike the previous generations, it’s only available in the SuperCrew four-door version, and that’s a good thing. The SuperCab of previous years was tight on space, especially if you had people sitting […]