Last Call: Another non-vanity vanity license plate

Massachusetts recently switched to a new format of the license plates. The look is the same, unfortunately, but the character sequencing is different. It went from being ##X XX# to #XXX ##, where # indicates a digit and X indicates a letter. Needless to say, when it came to #XXX 69, some humorous results came […]

Last Call: Rolling Off the Assembly Line

bronco assembly line

In May of last year I wrote how now is a good time to custom order your new car. If you have the time to wait, you can get whatever you want, configured how you want it. Suddenly those on-line configurators make sense. This also allows one to confirm a buying price, avoiding bullshit dealer […]

Tesla: Simplified, with Added Lightness

The genius of Colin Chapman’s “Simplify, then add lightness” motto may not apply modern electric cars. For one, EVs tend to be heavy. Batteries and electric motors, while having beneficial packaging, are much heavier than conventional internal combustion drivetrains. They are also more complicated, if not intimidating, to those who grew up gapping their own […]

Last Call: Peasant in a Jeep edition

Modern Jeeps are anything but cheap. It’s difficult not to spend over $50,000 on a new Wrangler or a Grand Cherokee. Over the last decade, if not more, Chrysler’s checkered reliability has been significantly improved. So now imagine driving three generations old Range Rover, which certainly has its issues, and thinking you’re somehow superior to… […]

Infiniti QX50 and the Nissan VC-T variable compression ratio engine

Decades ago, variable valve cam timing became a thing and is now present on most gasoline engines. Sometime after that, we went away from the distributor and adopted direct ignition systems that allow for multiple sparks during one power stroke. Direct injection was another big thing, allowing a precise amount of fuel injected directly into […]

My Bronco was built on the worst day of the year

“In his 1971 book Wheels, Arthur Hailey claims that cars that were primarily assembled on a Monday or Friday would suffer from quality problems due to worker performance/absenteeism issues associated with those days”[1]. By that reasoning, one would want a Tuesday or a Wednesday made vehicle. Studies have shown those to be the most productive days of […]

My New Bronco is in Production!

ford bronco 2021 production black diamond

Oh mah gawd, you guys! My new Ford Bronco is finally in production! It was scheduled for production for the week of November 15th. I figured I check up on Friday, November 12th. The little indicator of “In Production” in the owner’s portal was circled. I called the dealer and they confirmed that it is, […]

Quick Spin: Wrangler Rubicon 392 with Xtreme Recon 35-Inch Package

It is surprising that it has not happened to sooner but the Jeep Wrangler is finally available with 35-inch tires. It’s part of the Xtreme Recon package that includes 4.56 axle gearing, and wider, 17×8-inch beadlock-capable wheels, among other things. That package is now available on the Wrangler Rubicon, the V8-powered Rubicon 392, and soon, […]

Build your own 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Grand Cherokee configurator

The configurator for the all new 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee is up now. This is the shorter, two-row version of the Grand Cherokee L, which has been available for some time. I’ve seen many of the L models around the New England area but have yet to drive one. In pictures, the shorter Grand Cherokee […]

Hooniverse Asks: Do you car doodle?

Sitting in a working meeting I had two dangerous weapons at my disposal – a pen and paper. I was listening and participating but my hands, when not scribbling notes, were free. That freedom let me to drawing. I came up with what looks like a Jeep CJ. I don’t have much of artistic abilities […]