A Most Thorough Survey of Proper Motor Cars at British Car Day 2013

This past weekend the Larz Anderson Auto Museum held it’s annual British Car Day, one of the top three best attended events during the summer. Each year the Brookline, Massachusetts-based museum holds over two dozen lawn events on its scenic grounds, with German, British and Italian Car Days being the most popular events. Last week […]

Misselwood Concours Preview: 1976 GAZ 24 Volga

There is no getting around it: the GAZ 24 is a rare sight on our roads. For every GAZ in the US, there are approximately ten Tatras, which puts that into perspective. I mean, when was the last time you saw a Tatra anyway? Not counting the one we saw last week at Greenwich Concours’ […]

Diecast Delights: Wartburg 353 Pickup

Eastern Bloc states weren’t big fans of small commercial vehicles, despite whatever impression Hollywood films may give you. The reason was quite simple, small businesses that would need things like pickups simply didn’t exist, and nobody really owned any huge private property out in the countryside to the point where they’d need a pickup. So […]

Mercedes-Benz Motorhome Steals the Show at German Car Day

This past weekend Kamil and I made the arduous, 20-minute long trek to the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, MA, for their annual German car day. Every year the museum hosts more than two dozen lawn events on its scenic grounds, and every year it seems like there is less and less of a […]

Diecast Delights: VAZ 2121 Niva

I don’t think anyone will dispute that the VAZ 2121 Niva is everyone’s favorite Russian 4×4 hatchback (ignoring for a moment the fact that it is the only Russian 4×4 hatchback). But unlike VAZ’s previous efforts, it wasn’t based on anything that FIAT designed or manufactured, withthe Niva using a minimal number of FIAT parts-bin […]

British Car Day Preview: 1970 Marcos GT

If you’re going to be in the Boston area on the weekend of June 22nd and 23, and you’re in desperate need of a classic car fix, you can’t do much better than British Car Day at Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline. Every year the museum hosts more than two dozen lawn events which […]

British Car Day Preview: Bristol 403

Your typical summertime British car show is always full of rubber-bumper MGBs and Triumph TR6s that had sat out in the sun too long. But British Car Day at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum is not your typical British car show. And every year it never fails to surprise, with rarities that you’d normally only […]

Citroen Rendezvous Preview: Peugeot 504 GL

Some of us remember a time when Peugeot 504s were more or less common on our streets, provided those streets were either on the left coast or the right coast. It seems it wasn’t that long ago that these were just used cars and everyone’s grandma had one locked away in the garage out back […]

German Car Day Preview: 1980 BMW M1

If you’re looking for a fun summer time German car show, you’re unlikely to find something as eclectic as Larz Anderson’s German Car Day in Brookline, Massachusetts. Every year the Larz Anderson Auto Museum hosts over two dozen lawn events, and the one devoted to German cars is one of its top three best attended […]

One Hoon's Quest to Find the Source of all Diecast Cars

For diecast collectors around the world southeast Asia, namely the city-state of Hong Kong, has always been that mythical mecca of miniature cars. It is the place where they are made, and it was always said to be best place in the world to find scale models. Or so they said. Stories abounded about shops […]