What the hell is a Honda Formuling?A Hooniverse Team Investigation

It all started with a simple email… “Just came across this odd Honda roadster on kijiji.  Claims to be made in Ontario”. There’s a link in the email that goes to a Kijiji listing for a 1979 Honda Formuling. We’ve never heard of it. This is how we figure out what the hell we’re looking […]

Happy 4th of July from The Hooniverse

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQS_bncaBRg[/youtube] Happy 4th of July from all of us here at Hooniverse. Stay safe, have fun, enjoy your weekend… oh and shred some tires if you have the chance. It’s what George Washington would do. [Burnout courtesy of our own Jason Connor]

Submission Thursday: Magnificent Seven Ride

[Ed. note: This wonderful Austin Seven was driven by Matthew Harvey.] It’s the last day in May, just a few weeks from Midsummer’s Day, but here in the wilds of Cumbria the weather is typically British. Summer is officially on strike. The sun is picketed by remorseless grey lumps hogging its warmth like stubborn trades […]

Submission Thursday: Balkanized, Part 2

[Ed. note: Continuation from Balkanized, Part 1. If you haven’t read the first part by Matt Harvey, I recommend you do that immediately. Photos by Darjan Platinovšek –Antti] Ivan and his new chums climb away out of sight and the burble of their engines dwindles to nothing. For a few seconds there is silence, not […]

Submission Thursday: Balkanized

[The following travelogue is a snapshot from a recent roadtrip in Croatia, and the penmanship and photography is by the inimitable Matt Harvey. Additional photos by Ales Zorko. -Antti] We leave the highway at Karlovac about twenty minutes outside of Zagreb, taking the road south towards the Plitvička National Park. We’re a ragtag little convoy […]

The Perfect European Sports Car: Ford Mustang V6 Convertible

[The intrepid backpacker, Frankiess recently paid a visit to Florida. Here’s his two cents of his (non-Ecoboost, duh) rental vehicle of choice. -Antti] You’ve heard it all before. Europeans make the only true sports cars. Europe has the best small twisty roads and the best chassis engineers on the planet. And the Nürburgring! Every decent […]

Submission Thursday: A Classic, Classic Quandary

[Ed. note: This thoughtful piece is submitted by Matt Harvey, a fellow petrolhead I usually meet near and at the Nürburgring. He drives a turbodiesel BMW E46 and an MX-5 Phoenix, even if he does that on the wrong side of the road from where I’m looking. Also, pay notice to that licence plate up […]

Submission Thursday: A Story of the Frozen Rush

[Hooniverse reader Smokeyburnout trucked up to Maine in the bitter cold last month to attend this event and wrote up the experience for us gracious Hoons. -Ed.] If you’ve been online or watched TV anytime in the past few months, you’ve probably already heard about this, but winter sucks most of the time.  It gets really cold […]

LeMons Team Profile: Sorry For Party Racing

Today’s Submissions Thursday Submission comes from Estlin Link. He’s a 24 Hours of LeMons hanger-on and will be writing up profiles of various entertaining LeMons teams. 24 Hours of LeMons racers range anywhere from Michael Schumacher wannabes to the “I just fixed my car with duct tape” kind of guy. That diversity is exactly why LeMons has […]

Podcast: Episode 68 – Electricity, Hydrogen, and Atomic Betty

This week Jeff is out of town and leaves Blake and Chris to their own devices. They deliver a number of tangents cleverly disguised as segments including… Live TV Audiences So You Think You Can Dance Blake reviews the new Cadillac Escalade Android Auto & Apple Carplay Drunk Drivers vs. Texting Drivers Hydrogen Fuel Cells vs. Batteries Elon Musks […]