Video: The Best Look We've Ever Had of the Ford T-Drive Engine

Before it was a humdrum mid-size sedan, the Ford Contour was an angular, bean-shaped concept car on display at the 1991 Chicago Auto Show. Sure, it didn’t have the flash of the Geo Tracker dancers at the same show, but the car had something not seen in an American road car in nearly 40 years: […]

HooptieCon: Get Your Tickets, It's This Weekend!

By now, you’re probably sick of hearing about Radwood at HooptieCon on March 24 at Sonoma Raceway alongside the 24 Hours of Lemons’ Sears Pointless at HooptieCon Confusingly Presented by Yokohama (rolls right off the tongue). Bradley Brownell posted about HooptieCon here a few weeks ago and our podcasts have been chock full o’ HooptieCon […]

Speed Reads: Classic Sports Cars by Cyril Posthumus

More than three years ago, I reviewed an old library copy of Cyril Posthumus’ Classic Racing Cars. I forgot a lot almost immediately after reading that book, but I remembered three things I read in that book that surprised the hell out of me: (1) Peugeot built a twin-overhead cam engine more than 100 years […]

24 Hours of LeMons Preview: 'Vodden the Hell Are We Doing?' at Thunderhill

The 24 Hours of LeMons doesn’t really celebrate its own history much, but December 2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of the series’ first race on a Real Road Course™. That was the first Arse-Freeze-Apalooza at Thunderhill Raceway with chicanes on the front straight to keep top speeds down. The series has grown and changed […]

24 Hours of LeMons: 'Real Hoopties of New Jersey' at New Jersey Motorsports Park

Hey ho, it’s one of those 24 Hours of LeMons previews I write from time to time. This one’s for the upcoming race at New Jersey Motorsports Park called “The Real Hoopties of New Jersey.” This is the eighth LeMons race in New Jersey, a place renowned for its beauty and its total void of state […]

24 Hours of LeMons Preview: 'Texas Tippin' at MSR Houston

The 24 Hours of LeMons have been visiting the home of SLABs since 2008. Like Carolina Motorsports Park last week, MSR Houston has been a staple of the annual LeMons calendar. This weekend’s “Texas Tippin’” race is the 14th visit there for LeMons and the first of two this year. Fun fact: This author will […]

24 Hours of LeMons: 'Southern Discomfort' Preview For Carolina Motorsports Park

OK, Hoons and LeMoneers, here’s the deal. I’m sitting here with the 24 Hours of LeMons preview of the “Southern Discomfort” race at Carolina Motorsports Park to write and it goes live on the site in about 90 minutes. I have written none of it nor prepared for it. Get ready for a whirlwind round of […]

24 Hours of LeMons Preview: 'The Cure for Gingervitis' at Gingerman Raceway

The 24 Hours of LeMons begins its Midwest season this weekend at Michigan’s Gingerman Raceway, a favorite track among the region’s racers, with the “Cure for Gingervitis.” This race marks the 12th visit to the track since 2010 and the mix of technical corners and lake-effect rain (and occasionally snow) makes for an interesting LeMons […]

Year of Endurance: 12 Hours of Austria at Red Bull Ring

Endurance-racing season is headed into its busy season with a number of 12- and 24-hour races lined up from now through The Big One at Le Mans in June. Your faithful endurance-racing addict correspondent will try to have you covered on as many as possible, including the Nurburgring 24 coming up at the end of […]

Caption this: Moments before a mauling next to your shiny 1930 Ford

Nothing says “Gerald, that’s a bad idea” like luring a young bear in the wilderness next to your Ford Sport Coupe, new for 1930! I’m no wildlife expert, but I’m pretty sure I know what’s about to happen here. We’re not exactly sure how this is going to sell cars—the ad copy (after the jump)—doesn’t address […]