In Memoriam Of One Of Our Own

We have a sad announcement to make from behind the scenes at the Hooniverse-Atomic Toasters Galactic Central Command. We have lost one of our own. One of the original group of commenters who followed us here to our new corner of the internet, back when we first started Hooniverse so many years ago, has passed […]

Announcing the 2014 Hooniversal Car of the Year!

You know, if you had asked me to predict this year’s winner, I can honestly say I would not have guessed correctly. I may have had my hopes, but I would certainly not have guessed it. With all the flashiness, the show, the look-at-me attention-grabbing of most of the other nominations, I would not have […]

Announcing the 2013 Hooniversal Car of the Year!

Today is an historic day indeed. After a hard-fought battle across multiple social media outlets, with campaigners and complainers alike making their cases loud and long to anyone who would listen, the polls closed last night as we all cried “Happy New Year”. Well, as we on the West Coast cried it, and the East-Coasties […]

V8 Supercars Set To Take Over Texas

This weekend, the V8 Supercar Championship series is set to take over the Circuit Of The Americas. Some of you may be wondering what all the excitement is about. After all, isn’t it just Australian NASCAR? Man, if anyone actually said that, step forward so I can backhand you.

Announcing the 2011 Hooniversal Car of the Year

As you all know, I nominated the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale for this year’s Car of the Year award. I felt it was a thoroughly worthwhile candidate, and I stand by that nomination. But my nomination also packs with it a little bit of shame. I’m ashamed that I overlooked a candidate, and one so […]

The Flood Retires

After 40 years of service, the 1972 Ford tractor that has been used in my hometown of Rossland, British Columbia, to flood the local hockey rink is finally being retired. It’s a sad day, but also a celebration. This was a vehicle that was never supposed to do this job. It was not designed for […]

Old Car Reviews: 1988 Mercedes-Benz Unimog

It’s been a hell of a long time since we’ve done a proper Old Car Review, and for that we apologize. But really, it’s not our fault! It turns out that there are not all that many people who are willing to let us get our grubby mitts on their beautiful classic car to try […]

Nissan to Rejoin V8 Supercar Championship in 2013

There have been rumours flying around for several days about a major announcement over in the world of V8 Supercars. Many had speculated of the possibility that Nissan or Chrysler or both would be joining the fray to take on the likes of Holden and Ford in what had been a two-make series. This was […]