Last Call: Co-drivers deserve more credit

It’s no secret that it takes extreme skill and a massive set of (figurative) cojones to be a professional rally driver. But at the same time, the co-drivers have a massive responsibility as well. Learning the track and making sure to take crystal clear pace notes is imperative to securing any victory. I’m sure Ken […]

Last Call: Apparently aliens drive Lambos?

I know Lamborghinis are often considered spaceships on the road but I don’t think it was meant to be taken so literally. When I saw this on Twiter I tried so hard to find a reason as to why. Like who was it at the social media meeting that suggested that they do a photoshoot […]

Last Call: When they say angle, they mean it

When I saw this, it not only made me sad that Formula Drift’s Long Beach event (the closest to me) was canceled this year, it also reminded me of just how much front end control the drivers can get out of their cars. I mean that wheel is almost perpendicular to the direction the car […]

Last Call: This real life Hudson Hornet from Cars is awesome

I don’t know how many of you have seen the Disney movie cars but I would assume a pretty good amount. If you have seen it then you will remember how wise Doc was with all his years of knowledge from when he was a race car. The personality that was put into that animated […]

Last Call: Someone needs to tell BMW to stop

I’m not sure who at BMW is approving all these design choices but someone needs to put them in a time out. We’ve all seen the new M3/M4 front end so I won’t go too deep on that. But as if we weren’t upset about that they went and gave us this trapezoid exhaust. If […]

Last Call: The Porsche Carrera GT might have the best sounding V10 ever

The Carrera GT is one of those cars that you don’t really get to see that often but when you do it’s a real treat. And if you’re really lucky you’ll see it moving/thundering down a street. Now I know this title might be very controversial considering the Lexus LFA, Lamborghini Murcielago, and lest we […]

Last Call: I want to be this rich some day

There aren’t many flexes that beat having a Daytona that can tow your other Daytona. Last week we talked about the Hennessey Mammoth and why that’s a way bigger flex than having a Mercedes 6×6. But now I’m not so sure that even comes close to this. View this post on Instagram Your friend be […]

Last Call: The Aston Martin Victor is retro influence done right

If you haven’t already heard, the new Aston Martin Victor is a one-off beauty that draws major influence from the 80s V8 Vantage. It’s going to be a one of one so the odds of you seeing one in person are essentially zero. Think One-77 rarety but even more. Ironically, the Victor is built off […]

Last Call: I’d still take an Audi RS6 over the new M3 Touring any day

Don’t get me wrong, I love a sporty wagon as much as the next guy but for me, the new M3 just doesn’t do it. For starters, it has the Bugs Bunny bucktooth grille that I really can’t ignore. On top of that, BMW interiors feel much more cluttered to me than Audi or even […]

Last Call: Mercedes 6×6? No, Hennessey Mammoth!

Would it really be a Hennessey if it wasn’t extremely over the top? Absolutely not and that’s why you now have the 6×6 Mammoth. Now the main question you’re probably thinking right now is why the hell would I ever need 1,200 horsepower in a truck with six wheels? The answer you tell your wife […]