Last Call: This mini kart drifting looks like a ton of fun

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of drifting, but it isn’t necessarily something that you can just do whenever, legally of course. So when I see something like this it immediately catches my attention because this looks like a total blast! I don’t know about you but where I’m from there isn’t something […]

Last Call: I actually don’t hate this offroad M4 concept

I think we are pretty much all in agreeance that the new M4 front bumper has little to be desired. However, @bradbuilds has managed to make a concept with one that even I can appreciate. This lifted, camper-infused M4 is ready to go anywhere and I’d honestly be down to go with it. I think […]

Last Call: One of the coolest drift lines I’ve ever seen

When you go to Formula Drift events, there are bound to be a few collisions. In most of these circumstances, the run usually falls apart for both drivers, unless you’re Chris Forsberg. In his lead run against Adam Lz, we saw his rear tire pop, and yet he continued the line with grace. The flames […]

Last Call: Another monster mashup

Honestly, I should just stop being surprised that things like this exist. Today I give you the 2JZ swapped Rolls Royce Phantom. Apparently, the owner drove the Rolls so much the engine gave out and he decided to swap it out for the 2JZ, because, Japan. I don’t even know how to feel about this, […]

Last Call: The future of autonomous racing is brighter than you think

So apparently driver-less racing is a thing these days and this is one of their first events. I had no idea what to expect but it probably wasn’t this. At this point in time, I wouldn’t expect it to beat Lewis Hamilton but I would’ve bet that it could complete for than 100 feet without […]

Last Call: The Koenigsegg CCR is randomly one of my favorite super cars

If you were to ask someone what their favorite supercar is you would get a lot of different answers. However, I don’t think many people would stop to consider the Koenigsegg CCR but here is why you should. For starters, just look at it. It’s so rad with the early 2000’s styling inside and out. […]

Last Call: The Dakar Rally just got a little more interesting

As if there weren’t enough things to like about the Dakar Rally, they have just added a high jump challenge. I’ll admit that I haven’t seen all that much Dakar racing over the years but I know that this is a solid jump. With this new challenge, I’m curious to see if this will be […]

Last Call: I’ve officially seen it all

In my life, I’ve seen some funky things. Many of the craziest ones are usually in the form of a render that doesn’t, and probably never will exist. This one however was one that made me do a double-take as I was scrolling through Instagram. Was that really a slammed G-Wagon? To my surprise, it […]

Last Call: Where are my Porsche 914 guys at?

I find it so interesting how the Porsche 914 has such a cult following and yet they don’t really look anything like a Porsche. I would guess that most people think of the froggy face and sloping rear end. With the 914, we instead get a box that somehow looks good. On a different tangent, […]

Last Call: Is this the direction EVs are heading?

I’m all for EVs when they go beyond what’s expected in terms of environmental consciousness. For example, the Fisker Karma back when it was new was so intriguing to me. Solar panels on the roof, naturally fallen tree wood grain, and no real leather make it sound like the car would be cheap and yet […]