Watch Mr. Le Mans go from 18th to 3rd in a Ford GT40

ford gt40 racing at goodwood

Tom Kristensen is known as Mr. Le Mans for good reason. The man has won the 24 Hours of Le Mans an amazing nine times. Of those wins, six were consecutive. Kristensen is the best driver to suit up and run Le Mans. So to say he knows what he’s doing behind the wheel of […]

Hooniverse Podcast: Episode 314 – Happy? New Year!

Ron and I consider what we enjoyed most in the automotive space in 2021. We reflect on the good while thinking about the future. There’s also a look at some auction results, talk about a recent off-road video by Alan Ampudia on YouTube, and then a bunch of questions before a toast to the year […]

Tony Montero: Let’s Refinish the Face

mitsubishi montero grille repaint

My 1991 Mitsubishi Montero needs a bit of love on its face. The grille and headlight surrounds are chipping and the black paint I sprayed a few years prior is fading. So I set out on an easy fix to help clean all that up. Yes, I will need to do this again down the […]

Watch Garage54 flip their Lada on purpose

garage54 lada flip

Garage54 is a glorious corner of the Internet. It’s where a team of mad wrenches and fabricators in Russia attempt to do all sorts of stuff just to see if they can. From making wheels out of gears and using super glue as a head gasket to building an 8-wheeled Fiat and more, the Garage54 […]

Hooniverse Asks: What’s a car part you want but do not need?

marchal lights 7"

Sometimes a thing pops in my head and I can’t get it out of there until I do something about it. Recently, that thing was the idea of having Marchal headlights or driving lights on one of my vehicles. This would be for the Jag, as I love the idea of yellow inner lamps against […]

Last Call: Dakar Classics have been off and running

Paris-Dakar Rally History

The Dakar rally is in Saudia Arabia running through the desert landscape right now. You have the usual suspects of bikes, quads, monsterous trucks, and all sorts of buggies. There are some new electrified vehicles competing as well. But you also have the classic rally that takes place now too, and it features some of […]

Dakar 2022 Highlights from Stage 2 of the race

dakar wheelie

Dakar is underway in Saudia Arabia. Today’s racing unfolds over stage 2, which is a 338-kilometer section of grueling Dakar desert blasting. And as rider Skyler Howes notes it’s important to keep your head in the game with two weeks of racing ahead. In fact, this stage is on the shorter side compared to some […]

2021 Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 – XL Excess

maybach gls600

The Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 is a less useful GLS, but it is damn nice on the inside and super smooth out on the road. I logged a ton of miles in this one, and here’s what I found. Disclaimer: Mercedes tossed us the keys to this GLS600 and included a tank of fuel.

The Jag: Don’t drive things where they shouldn’t go…

jaguar xj6 chevy 350

There’s a car get-together that happens on Friday mornings in Los Angeles. It’s called the Good Vibes Breakfast Club, and it’s a thing I’ve wanted to attend for some months now. The issue for me is that it takes place at Newcomb’s Ranch up on Angeles Crest and I live down in the southern part […]

Hooniverse Asks: What’s your first “car goal” of 2022?

tony montero grille off

I spent the day yesterday refinishing the headlight surrounds and grille on my 1991 Mitsubishi Montero. A few years prior, I had painted both flat black. The surface of the headlight surrounds always needed a bit more paint on them. With the grille, the surface was begin to get pitted and some of the chrome-plated […]