I hate hi-lift jacks…

hi-lift jack

Look, I get why these are useful for some folks. There are a handful of different uses for them. And when used properly, they can get you out of a tough spot out on the trail. But you know what? I hate them. They’re heavy, take up a lot of space on your vehicle, are […]

Hooniverse Asks: What’s your favorite not-necessary optional feature?

cadillac night vision

I love night vision in a car. It’s so unnecessary for 95% of car owners and it feels like you’re driving a stealth military vehicle. It’s almost a gimmick. Almost, as it could be pretty useful in areas that are extremely dark and wildlife can roam out of the forest. But in a city area […]

Last Call: Where can this Montero shuttle take you?

Pajero Shuttle Van

I love seeing all the different versions of the Montero/Pajero that have been built. My personal favorite is always going to be the Pajero Evo. I have a soft spot for the Pajero Camel Special too, of course. But this Pajero Shuttle Van? Amazing! Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day. It’s meant to […]

Ford Bronco Raptor lands in 2022

Bronco Raptor

Ford is teasing a production version of its forthcoming Bronco Raptor. We all knew it would happen and now we know that you’ll get a chance to see one out on the trail sometime in 2022. Potentially. Assuming they’re available. And the hardtops are good to go. And the chip shortage has eased up for […]

So you want to keep your older car clean…

jaguar xj6 clean

I bought an old black car. The old black paint looks great from 10 feet. Once you get up close you can see it’s a playground of crow’s feet. That’s not a big deal to me really, since this is a stop-gap car. But I’d still like to know the best ways to keep it […]

Last Call: Quite a good Trek

I mentioned last week that I was competing in a media wave of Land Rover’s Trek event. I’ll have more on that soon, but for now you could say it went pretty well. Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day. It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is […]

This rubber dog chew toy comes from an old VW part

VW Kong dog toy

If you have a dog, you likely have (or have at least heard of) Kong chew toys. They’re those indestructible rubber items, often fillable with treats, which your dog will gnaw on forever. Did you know that the Kong chew you was designed by a mechanic with inspiration from an old Volkswagen suspension part? Back […]

So I saw a TVR Chimaera this weekend

My town of Lake Forest, California had a small car show this weekend. In the background was an outdoor concert with some food trucks as well. I strolled through the line of cars and everything there was pretty expected. Some old Mopar, a few Camaros, mostly Boomer-spec ultra-chrome wheels as far as the eye could […]

This Ford Mustang Wagon comes from Dutch Royal dreams

Ford Mustang wagon Dutch Country Squire GT

Many years ago, a team comprised of a Ford Advertising executive, a car designer, and a person who loved wagons, came together with the idea of creating something special. It was a Ford Mustang wagon. More specifically, it was a Mustang Shooting Brake. And one was actually built. Barney Clark and Robert Cumberford trekked all […]

The Polestar 3 might be a fine looking machine

polestar 3 teaser

The Polestar 1 is a very interesting vehicle in a sort of concept car for the road sort of way. It’s expensive but also eye-catching and an enjoyable driving experience. With the Polestar 2, we have a much more mainstream offering that could get buyers into the brand. Moving forward though, it’s likely that Polestar […]