Hooniverse Asks: What vintage vehicle could fuel nostalgia for a new version?

ford bronco green

I’ve been driving a new Bronco for the last week, and I definitely am enjoying myself. As are others as evidenced by the waves, thumbs-up, and more. People are happy to see the new Bronco. And despite the issues with actually getting them into waiting customer hands, Ford has nailed this new Bronco. It looks […]

Lamborghini Urus: Excellent Excess in XL Size

lamborghini urus

The 2021 Lamborghini Urus is ridiculous… but that’s what it should be. An oversized go-anywhere Lamborghini with room for friends and family. And its very existence means Lamborghini can continue building more insane-o-mobiles while the Urus prints money for the brand. [Disclaimer: Lamborghini tossed us the keys to the Urus and included a full tank […]

Last Call: Cadillac Concept? Crazy cool

cadillac concept car

Imagine a Citroen DS meets an old Cadillac. What happens? You get an excellent concept car that Cadillac should’ve built. This thing is gorgeous… Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day. It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not only accepted, it’s encouraged.

Hooniverse Podcast: Episode 302 – Bring all your money

Bring-A-Trailer brings some big bank insanity for an old Toyota Land Cruiser. Do you agree with the selling price? Let’s talk about it If you’d like to listen to the audio-only version of this, you can do so here: https://anchor.fm/hooniverse/episodes/Bring-All-Your-Money-e18pgmv And the episode will roll out to Apple, Spotify, Google, and other podcast streaming services […]

The new Acura Integra will get a manual gearbox

acura integra manual gearbox

Acura just posted a video highlighting something I think you can all appreciate; a slew of manual gearboxes. And the purpose is to highlight the fact that the upcoming new Integra is getting one too. Acura will show off its new Integra at the upcoming Radwood SoCal show in November. The event is actually being […]

Last Call: The greatest Camaro ever made?

john player special camaro

Yes. The answer is yes. Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day. It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not only accepted, it’s encouraged.

Nissan needs to build a bad-ass Frontier Nismo

Nissan Frontier Nismo

Right now, Nissan has a solid mid-size truck offering in the reworked Frontier. The Pro-4X version is pretty great as it sits. But more could be better, right? In the truck segment, the answer there is usually “hells yes, thanks!” So that’s why we here at Hooniverse believe Nissan needs to cook up a full-on […]

Hooniverse Asks: What’s the best failed automotive tech?

The Turbonique Rocket axle is one of the coolest and most insane pieces of tech to land in the automotive realm. It’s a rocket-powered rear axle aimed at the drag racing set. One of the best examples of a vehicle to wear this is the Tobacco King Galaxie, which remains one of the coolest cars […]

2022 Toyota Tundra: A greatly improved pickup

2022 toyota tundra off road

Last week, I was in San Antonio to drive the 2022 Toyota Tundra. I shot a video for Autotrader, which you can watch below. But I wanted to pop it over here to add in some written talking points for those of you not eager to sit through a nearly 15-minute long video. The gist […]

Autopia 2099 is coming and I’d love to see you there

autopia 2099

Our old friend Bradley Brownell reached out to me a while back and asked if I wanted to help him bring on a new show. I jumped at the idea when he told me the goal is to focus on all things electric with this one. The show is called Autopia 2099 and we have […]