Aston Martin to bring back V12 Vantage for a final go

final V12 Vantage from Aston Martin noise

The only details that we have are that Aston Martin is stuffing a V12 into its current-generation Vantage. And that the car will arrive in 2022. Beyond that, we don’t know much. Aston Martin is saying this won’t be a limited edition car either. Instead, it will be a Final Edition. I feel like we’ve […]

2022 Honda Civic Si arrives and I’m here to tell you it’s really good!

2022 honda civic si

Remember a few years back when I had a 2000 Honda Civic Si? I really enjoyed that car. It remains one of my favorite front-driver cars out there. There have been a few iterations of the Civic Si since then and in fact, Honda has just revealed the latest version. It’s based on the new […]

Cars I Didn’t Know I Wanted: This AMG-Tuned Mitsubishi Galant

AMG-Tuned Mitsubishi Galant

Yes, I’m aware that AMG was not always the in-house performance arm of Mercedes-Benz. Still, when I think AMG my mind will always instantly go to MB products. Well, almost always because I’ve just learned about this amazing little number wearing both an AMG badge and some Mitsubishi badges as well. This is a 1992 […]

Hoonicorn vs the World is back and more bonkers than before

Hoonicorn vs the World 2

Ken Block’s Hoonicorn Mustang is a truly wicked and wild machine. And the Hoonigan crew decided to show just how wild it really is by lining it up on an airstrip against a slew of other vehicles. That quickly showed just how quick and fast the Hoonicorn really is… and now it’s back, with some […]

Hooniverse Podcast: Episode 308 – Michael Thomas from Pennzoil

Michael Thomas is a man who knows exactly which oil you should be running in your machine. It doesn’t matter if it’s a drag racer, a diesel rig, or your daily driver, Michael knows what’s up. He’s been with Pennzoil for many years, and he’s got many great tales to tell. Ron Baugh and Jeff […]

The Seeker 2 is a beautiful short film with incredible motorcycle riding

I never saw The Seeker I, but I am here to tell you that The Seeker II is a visual masterpiece. It’s a short film featuring the truly amazing riding of Pol Tarrés. He’s a wonderfully skilled trials rider and he does mind-bending stuff on his Yamaha Ténéré 700. The stock version of this bike […]

Hooniverse Podcast: Episode 307 – SEMA Round-Up!

Ron Baugh is back from SEMA and he spills his thoughts. We talk about Ryan Tuerck’s insane Formula Supra, Tavarish’s McLaren, everything that Ford Brought, and more. Then we get into Ron’s crazy dash-cam adventure before diving into talking about some press car stuff and our own cars. If you’d prefer the audio-only version, head […]

Last Call: Custom Hot Wheels are Crazy Awesome

Are you ready for a rabbit hole to end the day? The world of custom Hot Wheels (and other scale cars) is a pretty amazing adventure for your eye holes. Go here and have your mind… Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day. It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and […]

The greatest name in motorsport history is… Honda

honda ra272

It’s easy to make claims with respect to motorsport dominance. Porsche, for example, likes to talk about it having over 30,000 motorsport wins and thus being the most dominant manufacturer to go racing. If you’re counting spec series and club racer stuff, that’s probably true. Though I bet Mazda would like to chime in on […]

Off-Road-ified Crossovers: This trend will age poorly

mazda cx-50

I really enjoy driving off-road. And I also enjoy seeing vehicles modified for adventure. Additionally, there’s a crop of vehicles popping up aimed at those wanting to hit that dusty trail for a weekend of fun. A handful of them are good vehicles and the style and design on them works well… right at this […]