Bullitt Time: San Francisco in a 2001 Mustang Bullitt; 50 years later

It’s tempting to floor it. Even more so than usual. Every child-like instinct tells me to point the Mustang’s nose over the precipice of Union Street, romp on the gas, and let it fly. If only this was a stunt car. Instead, it’s my daily driver, and I’m not chasing baddies in a sinister black […]

Inheriting The Past: Reflections From A Road Trip In My Grandparents’ Oldsmobile

I’m eight years old, and my Grandpa Dave takes me for a ride in his brand-new supercharged Pontiac Bonneville SSEi. He lets me sit up front, a rare privilege that my parents wouldn’t afford, and my little fingers play endlessly with the dizzying assortment of passenger-side power seat buttons. I watch as the supercharger boost […]