Test Drive ANNLimited – 2004 BMW 330ci Review

I went back to the same dealer where I drove the M3 and talked to my no-cares salesman Tom. He gave me the keys and let me take the 330Ci out all by myself! The car was really clean and in excellent shape. It didn’t feel 9 years old. When I got in my head hit […]

Test Drive ANNLimited – 2013 Scion FRS Review

I get it. I totally get it. I understand why people say you don’t even care that this car is slow when you drive it. Because it is f***ing fun. Seriously, don’t say this car is slow/underpowered without driving it first. The salesman at the Toyota/Scion dealership actually seemed to like cars and was excited […]

Test Drive ANNLimited – 2007 Infiniti G37 Coupe Review

I drove this car first on Saturday. The salesman wasn’t much fun. This car was at an Audi dealership, and I think he was more interested in selling RS8s to rich dudes than used Infinitis to young women. He didn’t know anything about the car and wasn’t that interested in it. But he also didn’t […]

Test Drive Ann Limited: M3 Adventures

I showed up in the Charger about an hour or so before closing time, went up to the first sales person I found and told him I wanted to drive the little blue M3 convertible. He was totally clueless about cars and acknowledged my gearhead superiority. He had zero f***ks to give and was all […]