Matchbox Mania: Whiteletter Snakebite (Whitesnake?) Edition

So far, all my Matchbox cars have hailed from Italy (via Taiwan), but today’s contender is a hybrid in the primal automotive sense of the word. It’s a Hot Wheels Classic Cobra, devoid of any mention of the words AC or Shelby for reasons apparent to anyone who’s ever read the words “Carroll Shelby” and […]

Matchbox Mania: Tomica Fiat X1/9 Survivor

Yesterday we saw my Fiat-Abarth 131, which by any objective measure is a toy worthy of admiration. The funny thing is, I don’t remember playing with it as a child. But I do remember this orange 1977 Tomica Fiat X1/9. In fact, it was my favorite matchbox car, and that might explain its slightly less […]

Matchbox Mania: Meet My Fiat-Abarth 131

You all might have heard I’ve gotten a job working at a place full of car geeks. Not just car nuts, but geeks, in the most base sense of the word. Basically, it’s fantastic, although I’m busier than a Ritalin-abusing beaver. Anyways, a lot of these car geeks have decorated their workspaces with matchbox cars, […]

Lola Rennt! (When Parked)

You’ve already pondered race cars that are lame, so let us consider something a little different: a down-on-its-luck contender needing some resuscitation. Some projects are not for the faint of heart, and other projects are not for the thin of wallet. But this Lola T332 is perfect for the buyer who’s unsound of mind and […]

Hoonicast #10: Pardon Our Dust We Were En-Raptured Edition

You’ll have to forgive the delay in getting this latest installment of the Hoonicast up. You see, we all sold our belongings, quit our jobs, and gathered in Chicago to be transported up to meet our maker. I awoke naked except for a t-shirt that said “I Went to the Rapture and All I Got […]

Hooniverse Asks: What Vehicle Most Deserves a Diesel?

When’s the last time you looked forward to driving a minivan? Years back, I was gallivanting around Europe breaking hearts, causing diplomatic crises, and generally being irresponsible. When a friend’s parents came to visit, they rented an Opel Zafira turbodiesel (I’ve no idea if it was a 2.0, 2.2, or the 2.2 hi-po) mated to […]

Hooniverse Truck Thursday: Very Prado Ya

Don’t call the Prado soft. It may be the slightly lighter-duty variant of its Land Cruiser sibling, but it’ll still chew up your nearest CUV and use the resulting slurry it to lubricate its center diff. While laughing maniacally.

Bad Ideas Made Worse With Trailers!

What happens when you put a small, turbocharged Renault motor into a trailer? The real question is, which psychotropic spawned the question? youtube