Podcast: Episode 270 – Dinan [SEMA 2018]

Live from the Magnaflow podcasting stage at SEMA 2018 I interview Dinan about their 2018/2019 offerings and specifically their return to flash tunes.

Podcast: Episode 269 – Sitting solo in the SVR

Chris is busy prepping for SEMA so I’m solo this week. I’ve driven the Range Rover SVR to a nice quiet spot and I’m recording from inside the 575-hp $132k SUV. Topics this week include; Bentley Bentayga V8 and Continental GT California 8hr Endurance Race Hyundai Veloster N And should I or shouldn’t I buy […]

Podcast: Episode 268 – This episode is SICK!

Well… maybe not the episode itself, but I am! So I’ve enlisted the help of Josh Ostrander to sit in with myself and Chris Hayes. He’s here to talk about the Formula Drift season ender that went down at Irwindale the prior weekend. After that we talk about: The Ford Mustang Bullitt Corvette ZR1 Hyundai […]

Podcast: Episode 266 – Let’s stroll down Youtube comment memory lane

There’s no news this week. It’s time, instead, to dive into the past three months of comments on YouTube. This means we’re going to find confusing messages. We’ll find hateful messages. We will find the sort of stuff that people typically wouldn’t have the guts to see to another person face to face. And we […]

Podcast: Episode 265 – Everyone loves a ten incher [w/ guest Jonathon Klein]

Friend of Hooniverse Jonathon Klein joins us on show this week. First up, we dip into the news where we discuss: BMW not building an M version of the Z4 or giving a manual gearbox option. Audi revealing the e-tron electric SUV. Pricing been announced for the Ford Edge ST. Waze is now usable with […]

Podcast: Episode 264 – Farewell to the W16

Chris and I kick things off by discussing the fact that Bugatti will not be building more W16 engines in the future. Rolls-Royce believes nanobots are the future of engine maintenance. BMW has a self-riding motorycle in the works. After the news we switch gears to answer some questions before talking about what we’ve been […]

Podcast: Episode 263 – Talking ’bout that Gridlife

Josh Ostrander joins us on the show. He recently returned from Gridlife in Atlanta, where he saw drift cars, time attack machines, and late-night music performances all at the same venue. We also talk about the insanity that is a $180,000 2002 BMW M5, answer your questions, and talk about our own cars. As for […]

Podcast: Episode 262 – Needs more power (supply)

There’s some solid news this week. Audi plans to offer an extremely limited run of manual transmission Audi A4 sedans. These will be designated as Ultrasport models and only 40 will be built. Jeep is launching its first limited-edition JL Wrangler with the new Moab Edition. Formula E wants an off-road racing series and will […]

Podcast: Episode 261 – Now with video!

Chris finished the studio and we’ve got video cameras, which means there’s going to be a live-streaming version of this podcast on YouTube. As we record the show, we’ll do it live but also still offer up the audio-only version through ShoutEngine. In the post on Hooniverse, I will place both the video and the […]