Aural Pleasures- Mechanical Synfonica

Mechanical Synfonica

On of the things that I think most impresses about Top Gear is the production values. The cinematography, sound and music, and location choices, all conspire to create automotive ballets that are stirring and sometimes heart stopping in the majesty of those element’s combined impact. And then Clarkson comes on, saying something about a man sausage or that a little wee has come out, and ruins the moment.

Well, this German short, which has been around a while, still combines grand orchestration, the guttural notes generated by an Audi RS5 (which I can tell you is biblical) along with beautiful visuals along Italy’s Stelvio Pass is like Top Gear without all the snark. So make the jump, and then sit back and enjoy. Oh, and you might just want to turn up the volume a little bit, I’m sure your co-workers will appreciate it.

[vimeo width=”720″ height=”540″][/vimeo]

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4 responses to “Aural Pleasures- Mechanical Synfonica”

  1. schigleymischke Avatar

    Top Gear with less snark is what we need. The snark is what's wrong with the US version. It's what undermines the UK version. Too much emphasis on getting in the last word or best quip.

    1. BradleyBrownell Avatar

      This, times 1000%

  2. calzonegolem Avatar

    Personal I think it is improved by Clarkson saying something about a man sausage or that a little wee has come out.
    But, I am eight. heh heh I said butt

  3. Manic_King Avatar

    Rieger was and maybe still is one of the trashiest spoiler shops which target "Krauters" (German car version of Ricer). In they past they offered magnificent glass fiber Testarossa- look widebody kits for VW Corrado, Golf, Opel Calibra, Kadett and similar youth cars, most of course FWD cars, sometimes with weak motors, but with 285 rear tires and huge rear spoilers usually. Seems that babes and fast cars is still their style. Nice video though.
    <img src="–OPEL-CALIBRA-RIEGER-CATANO-TUNING.jpeg&quot; width="599">

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