At the Intersection of Awesome and Buick: Ecurie Ecosse's Tojeiro-Buick

It was the first occasion I realised just how good Jackie Stewart was. On our first lap he accelerated hard out of the last corner on to the main straight and the Tojeiro was hitting close on 140 mph when we hit the bump which was right on the start and finish line. There was an almighty crash and the Tojeiro actually left the ground by a few inches and then came down on the track again with a wollop and clearly the weight of an extra passenger had made all the difference.” – Graham Gauld The Tojeiro-Buick came out of a successful and stored collaboration between engineer and race car designer John Tojeiro and the famous Scottish privateer racing team Ecurie Ecosse, which had previously produced some seriously tweaked Jaguars loosely based on the D-type but with bespoke chassis. A few years and a few specials later, Tojeiro designed the -Buick, which was originally fitted with a Coventry Climax FPF motor and called the EE. With a Buick 215 subsequently hung out back, the T-B was apparently a brutish racer, definitely not the cream of the Ecosse team. Nonetheless, it’s a reasonably pretty car (at least from the front, where it resembles the hauntingly stunning Jaguar XJ13), and it was raced by Stewart himself and is eligible at Goodwood. And it’s for sale, POA, at Anamera (which is my new favorite addiction). Follow the link below for the rest of Gauld’s memories of the lairy Tojeiro-Buick. Initial quote courtesy of the Ecurie Ecosse website.

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