Aston Martin teams up with… Airbus?

Aston Martin have teamed up with Airbus. No, there’s not a Superleggera version of the A380 on the horizon. Instead, Aston Martin have joined forces with Airbus Corporate Helicopters to create a special version of the ACH130. It’s called, rather simply, the ACH130 Aston Martin Edition. And, if we’re honest, it’s pretty badass.

Sure, the market for an Aston Martin car is limited, so an Aston Martin helicopter is being pitched to an audience of… tens? Regardless, we’re down with this wicked whirly bird. The ACH130 is just above entry-level for Airbus, but that’s like saying the Vantage is an entry-level Aston Martin. It’s true, but things work differently at this level.

We’re assuming a starting price in the neighborhood north of $3 million for this copter. For that, you get a six-passenger capacity, 134 knot max cruise speed, 347 nautical miles of range, and a bit over fours of max flight time. Inside, the cabin is swathed with leather seating and similar stitch detailing that you’d find in the Aston Martin DB11.

There are four exterior liveries from which a buyer can choose. The one you see here has a gradient scheme that changes from Stirling Green to Jet Black. The contrasting cowl pieces are finished in Skyfall Silver… which is a terrible name for a paint color option on a helicopter. Additional liveries include other shades of Grey and Black. Though we’d imagine that someone with enough dough and desire could turn to Aston Martin’s Q branch for even more customization options.

If you can afford an Aston Martin DB11, that does not mean you can also afford an ACH130 helicopter. However, if you can spare the dough for this chopper than the AM road cars are chump change in comparison. If you want to be a real boss though, we’d hope to see an Aston Martin DB5 waiting at the heliport. And a big-ass yacht on standby in the marina.

And if you need help filling one of those six seats, I’m here to help with that. Hell, I’ve even flown a helicopter once…

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4 responses to “Aston Martin teams up with… Airbus?”

  1. Sjalabais Avatar

    But…can you take your overlanding bus with you?

    1. crank_case Avatar

      Also the Astonbus doesn’t look anywhere near as happy. Look at his “I’m a helicopter LOL” face.

      1. outback_ute Avatar

        Looks like it should be related to Tow Mater from the Cars movie

  2. Maymar Avatar

    I was going to say I’m sure this will be in No Time To Die, but after Spectre, I’m not sure anyone wants their helicopter associated with James Bond.

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