VW Car-B-Que Puts the Grill in the Back, Where it Belongs

VW Vortex member Thecleaner likes his VWs watercooled, but still pines for the days when the aircooled cars had their grills in the back. Having come across a clapped-out Cabriolet that was missing its top, he decided to set things right. He initially wanted to convert the car into a ...
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Off there, on the horizon, you can see... uh... the back half of the car.

FOUND: One medium-sized cruise ship.

You don't completely realize the scale of these things until you actually see them in person ...
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Name That Part: Italian Stallion Edition

Here's a chance to show off both your car parts knowledge, and your appreciation of high quality film entertainment. The following picture is a part from a car, and if it were still on that car, 98.2% of you would guess it in a nanosecond. That's why it was ...
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Corvair: Because of the way it hugs the curves. Then completely loses control and ends up leading with the wrong end. A man's car if there ever was one!

Your Next Project Car: Perfectly Safe When It's Stopped Edition

Listen, the concept here is pretty simple. I have no garage, limited tools, zero storage space, and a Volkswagen. This means I am wholly unable to start on a new project car, and in fact restricted in my ability to work on the project cars I already have. To that ...
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Opel 1900 Frontal Lobotomy

The Lazy Man's Guide to Engine Removal

We hope he was able to figure out how to get his cherry picker up higher before hoisting the engine into the recipient ...
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2010 370Z Roadster

2010 Nissan 370Z Roadster

“Top down, chrome spinnin’…” or in this case, it would be the 19” lightweight alloy wheels wrapped in high-performance Bridgestone Potenza tires; 245 in the front and large 275s strapped to the back. The song continues that “you see the boss grinnin’…” and I am doing more than grinnin’. I ...
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1971 Datsun 240Z for $7,000.

Streetwalker: 1971 Datsun 240Z

There's a street nearby the palatial Hooniverse HQ that people have been using as a de facto used car lot. They park their cars on the side of the road with for sale signs in the windows, with the hope of catching a buyer's eye as they speed past at ...
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We Weren't Kidding: 1990 Audi Coupe – $2500

You thought our clever little line about EscortsForever's rally gallery giving us Quattro Fever (aka H1-20V) was empty wordsmithing? Think again! One of the benefits of living in LA—aside from the police helicopters and wildfires—is a well-stocked Craigslist. One beautiful black UR-Quattro coming up! [Edit: Nevermind, we're off our ...
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For the Aspiring Young Cad: XJ-S Junior

We're known in real life for inflicting random web finds upon our friends. "Where do you find this stuff?!" our friends and family ask. Hence: Hooniverse. Reader Maymar's beating us at our own game with this one, though. in 1989, Jaguar commissioned the construction of the XJS-Junior, essentially a Power-Wheels ...
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Scoops, Lightbars and Mudflaps, Oh My!: Pictures from the Lake Superior Rally

Reader EscortsForever has been so kinda as to grace us with a pile of shots from the pre-race parc expose from the Lake Superior Performance Rally. Quoth the photographer: Today is the beginning of the awesome. Between classes, I managed to get out to the parc expose (where the rally ...
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Technology kinda scares us too.

Hooniverse Expanding

Well, I think we're showing fairly conclusively that the Big Bang Theory is correct. The Hooniverse really did start with a Big Bang, and seems to be expanding at an exponential rate. And to be perfectly honest, I don't think any of us has the slightest idea what to do ...
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This is probably Krider's great-great-grandfather... Hoons McSmitty

Whip It! Whip It Good…

Everyone thinks they can drive well... only few actually can. One such Hoon (yes capital H for him) goes by the name Rob Krider. You may be familiar with his Racer Boy series over at SpeedSportLife, a great running column where he discusses what it takes to race at many ...
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In Case You Were Wondering, Aerodynamics Matter

Your Hooniverse Public Service Announcement for this Friday afternoon: Triple-digit speeds and loose fiberglass body panels do not mix. That is all. Photo Source: Ron Lewis, Drag Racing Online, Via RacingNetSource, on Flickr. ...
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Cars You Should Know- The De Tomaso Vallelunga

There are certain cars-  Corvettes, Porsche 911s, the Countach, that strike a familiar chord in even someone with only a passing interest in cars. But there are many, many great cars out there that, even if you've heard of them, you might never get the chance to actually see. Hooniverse ...
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Driving is fun!

The Broken Road

When I was in high school, my parents did what any sensible family living in the District of Columbia did in the 80s: they fled to the suburbs.  In a city where you couldn’t even guarantee the picking up of dead bodies, let alone the picking up of the trash, ...
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It's made of Plastic with the reinforcing of Glass! Or something like that.

Why Didn't I Think of That?

Our beloved Jo Schmo has sent in a link to an Italian motoring blog -- or... something, my Italian language skills are right up there with my Russian and Japanese -- that featured this beautiful example of a hand-crafted children's toy ...
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