For the Aspiring Young Cad: XJ-S Junior

We're known in real life for inflicting random web finds upon our friends. "Where do you find this stuff?!" our friends and family ask. Hence: Hooniverse. Reader Maymar's beating us at our own game with this one, though. in 1989, Jaguar commissioned the construction of the XJS-Junior, essentially a Power-Wheels ...
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Scoops, Lightbars and Mudflaps, Oh My!: Pictures from the Lake Superior Rally

Reader EscortsForever has been so kinda as to grace us with a pile of shots from the pre-race parc expose from the Lake Superior Performance Rally. Quoth the photographer: Today is the beginning of the awesome. Between classes, I managed to get out to the parc expose (where the rally ...
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Technology kinda scares us too.

Hooniverse Expanding

Well, I think we're showing fairly conclusively that the Big Bang Theory is correct. The Hooniverse really did start with a Big Bang, and seems to be expanding at an exponential rate. And to be perfectly honest, I don't think any of us has the slightest idea what to do ...
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This is probably Krider's great-great-grandfather... Hoons McSmitty

Whip It! Whip It Good…

Everyone thinks they can drive well... only few actually can. One such Hoon (yes capital H for him) goes by the name Rob Krider. You may be familiar with his Racer Boy series over at SpeedSportLife, a great running column where he discusses what it takes to race at many ...
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In Case You Were Wondering, Aerodynamics Matter

Your Hooniverse Public Service Announcement for this Friday afternoon: Triple-digit speeds and loose fiberglass body panels do not mix. That is all. Photo Source: Ron Lewis, Drag Racing Online, Via RacingNetSource, on Flickr. ...
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Cars You Should Know- The De Tomaso Vallelunga

There are certain cars-  Corvettes, Porsche 911s, the Countach, that strike a familiar chord in even someone with only a passing interest in cars. But there are many, many great cars out there that, even if you've heard of them, you might never get the chance to actually see. Hooniverse ...
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Driving is fun!

The Broken Road

When I was in high school, my parents did what any sensible family living in the District of Columbia did in the 80s: they fled to the suburbs.  In a city where you couldn’t even guarantee the picking up of dead bodies, let alone the picking up of the trash, ...
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It's made of Plastic with the reinforcing of Glass! Or something like that.

Why Didn't I Think of That?

Our beloved Jo Schmo has sent in a link to an Italian motoring blog -- or... something, my Italian language skills are right up there with my Russian and Japanese -- that featured this beautiful example of a hand-crafted children's toy ...
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Mystery Car

Mystery Car

Time to put on your thinking caps and see if you can tell from this photo, the make and model of car. For extra points and giggles- what engine does it have? You've got quite a bit to go on- you can tell that it's red - in fact shockingly ...
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Two Lane Blacktop Poster

Moving Pictures- Two Lane Blacktop

Car movies have always been a Hollywood staple, much like the Western, or movies featuring John C Reilly. When you're not able to be out enjoying your car; say during a stint of house arrest, or unforeseen herpes outbreak, you can still take solace in sitting back and losing yourself ...
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If you're spending $125,000 for a record player, seek help. $125,000 for a car, though? Oh that's just fine.

Name That Part: Vinyl Record Edition

Yesterday's Name That Part had a personalized touch. As Mike The Dog pointed out, it was the fuel pump from an AMC 195.6 OHV inline-six, circa 1964. I fought with this part at length, and after replacing it twice, ended up taking one apart and making a few tweaks to ...
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Not the actual logo... but that would be cool, wouldn't it?

Reality TV You Will Enjoy: My Way or the Highway

Ok hoons... someone amongst us has put together a pretty cool idea for a reality show that doesn't involve the Kardashians or brain-dead from Orange County residents who now live in The Hills. You all know our good friend Bentoboxx, right? Well he is part of team trying to bring ...
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Kabuki! Turbo! Questionable chassis rigidity! Nissan Cedric for '84.

Among the automotive casualties of the Malaise Era, the four-door hardtop is probably one of the least mourned. Born with the ’55 Buicks and Oldsmobiles and died with the ’78 Chrysler fullsizers, the idea of a B-pillar bereft saloon (and occasional wagon) made family cars measurably cooler, but as the ...
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4 left over crest, Jeeves

That's How We Roll

...or more accurately, that's how we would roll if we had $230,000 to drop on a Roller. Hemmings inaccurately titles this the "Find of the Day". More like find of the millenium. Unfortunately, those cruel elitist bastards only saw fit to grant us one picture of this 1970 Rolls Royce ...
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FOUND: One Antique Willys

While wandering aimlessly on the downtown streets of my hometown recently, I stumbled across this beautiful example of a military-spec Willys Jeep ...
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Film at Eleven!

24 Hours of LeMons 2010 Schedule Goes Live

Wait, what's this? News? I have no idea how to do this. I'm far better at gazing at my navel. Look! Lint! ...
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