If you're spending $125,000 for a record player, seek help. $125,000 for a car, though? Oh that's just fine.

Name That Part: Vinyl Record Edition

Yesterday's Name That Part had a personalized touch. As Mike The Dog pointed out, it was the fuel pump from an AMC 195.6 OHV inline-six, circa 1964. I fought with this part at length, and after replacing it twice, ended up taking one apart and making a few tweaks to ...
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Not the actual logo... but that would be cool, wouldn't it?

Reality TV You Will Enjoy: My Way or the Highway

Ok hoons... someone amongst us has put together a pretty cool idea for a reality show that doesn't involve the Kardashians or brain-dead from Orange County residents who now live in The Hills. You all know our good friend Bentoboxx, right? Well he is part of team trying to bring ...
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Kabuki! Turbo! Questionable chassis rigidity! Nissan Cedric for '84.

Among the automotive casualties of the Malaise Era, the four-door hardtop is probably one of the least mourned. Born with the ’55 Buicks and Oldsmobiles and died with the ’78 Chrysler fullsizers, the idea of a B-pillar bereft saloon (and occasional wagon) made family cars measurably cooler, but as the ...
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4 left over crest, Jeeves

That's How We Roll

...or more accurately, that's how we would roll if we had $230,000 to drop on a Roller. Hemmings inaccurately titles this the "Find of the Day". More like find of the millenium. Unfortunately, those cruel elitist bastards only saw fit to grant us one picture of this 1970 Rolls Royce ...
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FOUND: One Antique Willys

While wandering aimlessly on the downtown streets of my hometown recently, I stumbled across this beautiful example of a military-spec Willys Jeep ...
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Film at Eleven!

24 Hours of LeMons 2010 Schedule Goes Live

Wait, what's this? News? I have no idea how to do this. I'm far better at gazing at my navel. Look! Lint! ...
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Bass-ackwards Fiat 126 Grabs the Pole Position

Bass-ackwards Fiat 126 Grabs the Pole Position

Have you ever found that the fastest way to get somewhere is foiled by a one-way street? Well, here's a driver in Poland who has a solution to that, and always gets where he wants to have been. Source [] ...
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Your Next Project Car: Practical Jokes Edition

Listen, the concept here is pretty simple. I have no garage, limited tools, zero storage space, and a Volkswagen. This means I am wholly unable to start on a new project car, and in fact restricted in my ability to work on the project cars I already have. To that ...
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Name That Part: Deartháir's Obsessions Edition

Welcome back to Hooniversity, class is now in session, and it's time for a quiz ...
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Synth Music and A Kidney Bean Oval? Must be Trenton Speedway!

You know what’s missing from modern oval racing? Right turns! The old Trenton Speedway, in Trenton, N.J., featured a bend in the starboard direction (known simply as “the Dogleg”) from 1968 until it closed in 1980. These are the opening laps of the April 23, 1978 200 mile USAC Indy ...
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Up, Up and away!

What's Up?

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So...uh...looks like we might be onto something here. First off, in case it's not obvious, this thing kinda took off a little faster than anticipated. It appears there was some pent-up demand, or something. We're still tweaking all kinds of site mechanics as we figure them out. If you see ...
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Rosemary Smith, circa 1965 (est.)

Rosemary Smith, An Appreciation

I freely admit, I had never heard of Rosemary Smith until the incomparable Scroggs suggested her. Now, having done some research, I can't imagine not doing a post about her! Furthermore, I submit she should be our second inductee into the Hooniversal Dream Girl Hall of Fame, right after Donna ...
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A flaming chicken with indigestion is somehow much prettier over a patina of light rust. Ooh, and look! Turbo badge!

The Automotive Graveyard

I saw an ad recently in one of those little "Coffee Mate" flyers that have become so popular in coffee shops of late. It advertised an automotive auction. "Classic Cars!", it shouted. "Many Beautiful Rare, Antique and Collector Cars!" My interest was clearly piqued ...
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The 2009 Nissan NISMO 370Z

First Impressions: 2009 Nissan NISMO 370Z

I have always been a fan of the Z cars minus two exceptions, the 280ZX and the 350Z. Both failed to capture the magic of just what made these vehicles exciting. The recent launch of the 370Z (Z34) has restored this hunk of Japanese fun to its former glory. The ...
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Looking awesome was purely accidental.

Hooniversity: Grand National Edition

Welcome to Hooniversity. As this is our first class, we're going to be starting out easy, and setting the tone. We think it's important that you understand what this class is all about, so you can truly understand what it is you're getting yourself into ...
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Obit Mims

Obit: Donna Mae Mims

Donna Mae Mims loved pink, especially if racing for them- pink slips that is. She was also the first woman to win the SCCA national championship and ran in original Cannonball Run race. Mims died last week, and, as was her wish, was positioned behind the wheel of a pink ...
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