Are You Man Enough to Drive a Pink Nash Metropolitan?

Pink Nash metropolitan for sale If you’re reading this site, you’ve probably come around to the idea of a Miata as an acceptable man’s car. In fact, on the whole, we’re cool with little cars. But dude…that’s a lot of pink.

Pink Nash Metropolitan for sale

Were we simply talking about an excellent-condition pink Nash Metropolitan, you’d have a great case for a cute girl car. Maybe an old lady. It’s the upgrades the complicate things: the Weber carb, 4-wheel discs from a Midget and a 3.90:1 rearend suggest this little strawberry shortcake might embarrass the occasional V6 Mustang (up to about 18 mph). If not, there’s always forced induction or any number of motorcycle powerplants to take advantage of… Pink Nash Metropolitan for salePink Nash Metropolitan for sale It’s up to $7200 with an unmet reserve on eBay Motors

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