Another One Is Spotted And A Hoon In The Making?

As this olelongrooffan has mentioned, I spent last weekend in FantasyLand watching that grown up girl in the image above graduate high school. For a number of years, she, her Mom and her “other Dad” moved to the Washington, D.C. area. Once when I was up visiting, my daughter, yes—TheSmartOne, and I were out walking around and she stopped and pointed to the car in the above image and said “Hey dad, check out that hip car.” I think she was about six at the time and I just about died. Well this past weekend, she and I were out and about after lunch and she said something eerily similar when she spotted the subject car of this post. But you have to make the jump to see it.

We had finished lunch and the two of us wanted to spend some more time together and she asked what my afternoon plans were. I told her about all things Hoon and my Long Shots series and that I would probably just mosey around and check out some cars. She asked if I minded if she tagged along. I gave her a big hug and told her that this olelongrooffan would be honored to have her accompany me on my adventures. We were cruising by Dr. Johnny’s lot and she spotted what would become the third one of these I have seen in recent days.

Yes, my fellow Hoon, it is yet another LaSalle. This convertible is by far the cleanest one of the three. Seems that lately this olelongrooffan has been seeing triple of several different and rare automobiles. TheSmartOne spotted it first and commented on the door handles and wondered why they were so close together. I told her about suicide doors and her comment? “Awesome, Dad. How come they don’t make those anymore?” We chatted a bit about government regulations and the DOT and such.

We walked around this beauty several times just checking out all of the cool ass features on this touring car. Hard, hinged spare tire covers on the front fender mounted spares, cool mirrors mounted on top and we were just in awe of this baby.

The brass or gold colored V8 emblems with the maroon background were just over the top. And a convertible to boot!!

Compared to the beige car parked adjacent to it, this olelongrooffan is not surprised TheSmartOne was so enamored with the Cadillac wannabe. I mentioned to her this was the third one I had seen in the past couple weeks and she just smiled when I told her this was the prettiest one. “Just like me, Dad,” she joshed me.  But she is right.

The deco era styling was demonstrated all over this thing, from the chrome grill and side vents on the hood to

the chrome strap and latches on the hard spare tire covers.

And the near space age hood ornament was just an absolute dream. Even TheSmartOne mentioned it would be cool if they still had hood ornaments like this today. This olelongrooffan agrees wholeheartedly.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

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