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You’ve seen lots of posts from the Cars & Coffee event that occurs every Saturday morning in the former Ford PAG parking lot in Irvine. Lesser known, but with just as fantastic an attendance  is the Montrose CA C&C. I talked my Father in Law (all you car nuts should be so lucky as to have a father in law like mine) to get up before dawn, pull the 1950 Jaguar XK120 out of the nine-car garage, and bomb up the 210 fwy for what was one of the best Saturday mornings in recent memory. Here’s some shots from the event- I apologize for the quality, I couldn’t find the camera and had to fall back on the iPhone for the pics – which will hopefully encourage some other So-Cal residents to get up early and make the trek to the foothill community to view some fabulous iron.
Check out the gallery below- that ’34 Vicky is something special- it has Jag suspension- front and rear, as well as Lincoln Mark VIII V8 and some wicked woodtone painted metal on the interior. The supercharged Navarro flathead with twin solex two-barrels powers a ’46  coupe, and the little Lagonda engine is a 1.5 litre four that is also supercharged. The Countach and the 300SL made an interesting contrast, and the yellow Cobra really wasn’t- its fiberglass body indicating that it was a Canadian Aurora or a kit.
Overall it was a wonderful, eclectic showing, and one that Hooniverse will be returning to very soon.
[nggallery id=45]

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  1. engineerd Avatar

    That Country Squire ain't the only woody there. That's a fantastic gathering of classic steel, supercars, British beauty, and everything in between.

  2. Feds Avatar

    That Vicky looks amazing. Nice to see there are hotrodders who are still trying, not just stabbing catalogue parts and a 350/350 into their cars.
    Where are the rest of the pictures of the Alfa? Surely you didn't take more pictures of a malaise lincoln than you did of a hopped upo Alfa…

  3. Dr_Dangerously Avatar

    The shot with the 300SL and the Countach is the best.
    Class and badass.

  4. CptSevere Avatar

    Great shots of a fun event. Don't know what I like the best. That Lagonda must have been something to see, and the fact that the guy drives it is impressive. I like the bugeye Sprite with the swapped-in rotary. That must be a real hoot to drive.

  5. Al Navarro Avatar
    Al Navarro

    Question…I know there is an "official" C&C org. But there seem to be many events that go on under the C&C banner that aren't I.D.ed on their map. Does anyone know if they have some trademark/ownership of C&C phrase and how one can organize a similar event in their area? Does the "official" C&C accept bids? Is there a fee? I've written to the C&C folks via the channel they provide and have heard NOTHING back.

    1. SVT2888 Avatar

      The C&C website is not official. Heck, Cars and Coffee Irvine is completely unofficial. There is no official website for Cars and Coffee and the organizers of the event have nothing to do with the website. The website owners have Trademarked the name without permission. Those guys don't even show up to Cars and Coffee since they were scorned after doing that. John and Linda who organize the event don't want to see their event commercialized and they from upon anyone who trademarks the name and/or tries to sell "official" Cars and Coffee gear and memorabilia.
      For a bit there even we at though about removing the "CNC" part of our name since it stands for Cars and Coffee.
      Frankly I am not surprised that they have not responded to your inquiries.

      1. Al Navarro Avatar
        Al Navarro

        Thanks for that clarification…more questions:
        1. Do people who display cars pay any fee (to cover an umbrella liability policy)?
        2. Do people who attend to ogle the cars pay any fee (for insurance and/or donation to a charity)?

        1. SVT2888 Avatar

          Nobody pays any fees. It's supposed to be a kind of unofficial spontaneous gathering. Ford just allows us to use the parking lot.

  6. SSurfer321 Avatar

    An impressive collection of classic iron, but I get weak in the knees at the mere mention of Aston Martin.
    One of my favorite photos:
    <img src=""&gt;
    Taken, by old camera phone, in Birmingham, MI on Old Woodward. It was either park here or try to parallel between a Ferrari and BMW M5, neither of which I would be able to see from my elevated driving position. Since the wife has a propensity to open her door into parking pylons and the like, I did the gentlemen thing and opened it for her once parked.

  7. citroen67 Avatar

    Holy crap! I am guessing that based on the caliber of autos at this gathering, that the Lambo and that Cobra are not kit cars.
    This reminds me of the first Saturday of every month when they open up this huge storage facility in Ann Arbor that has loads of high end eye-candy parked throughout. Lots-o Porsche, Ferrari, and old race car love for the car guy to drool over.

    1. acarr260 Avatar


      1. citroen67 Avatar

        I have many pictures! I will do my best to get a link to my Flickr page, so that all can enjoy!

      2. citroen67 Avatar
        Feel free to browse about in the rest of my photo stream. Lot of car p0rn to gaze at.

      3. citroen67 Avatar
        Feel free to browse about in the rest of my photo stream. Lot of car p0rn to gaze at.

    2. dragon951 Avatar

      So this is Montrose as in off the 210 near the 2? I am all of 5 minutes away from that, so I would totally go. Where? What time? Actually, I only need the what time, I could just hunt around Montrose, it's not that big.

      1. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

        Completely off topic, but….. as a Midwesterner, it's so funny to actually see it typed out as "the" 210, and "the" 2.
        I live at 696 and 75.

    3. SSurfer321 Avatar

      Is this a public viewing? Invite only? Could we organize a local Hooniverse meet up?

      1. citroen67 Avatar

        As far as I know it is completely open to the public. I think it would be kinda awesome to have a Hooniverse meet n' greet. I tell you what…I plan on getting a Uberbird t-shirt in the next little while, and that will be my identifiable garment. Either that, or I plan on wearing my "At least the drag strip still has a smoking section" t-shirt (complete with a picture of an old school drag car doing a burnout on the front).

        1. acarr260 Avatar

          I'm in Fort Wayne (IN), but I would drive up to MI for something like a Hooniverse meet and greet. I have a couple of driveshaft through skull shirts that I wear to car shows. I figure that anyone from [redacted] or the Hooniverse would know what that is and would say something. So far, people just look at me funny or ask me what in the hell that is on my shirt.

        2. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

          That would be awesome to go to. I'm in. (and I think I may have the only Aerostar t-shirt ever made) But not sure that's the right place to wear it to.

          1. citroen67 Avatar

            That would be a fun time. I don't know if the first Saturday thing is all year long, or just the warm months, but I will do my best to find out.

        3. SSurfer321 Avatar

          You'll have to let us know when you go. We can schedule the meet and greet then.

          1. citroen67 Avatar

            Will do!

    4. engineerd Avatar

      Where is that? I want to go!

      1. citroen67 Avatar

        I followed a friend the time that I went, so I don't know exactly how to get there…but I think if our good friend Mike the Dog were to see this thread, he may be able to give more specific landmark reference to where this place is located. All I really know for sure is that it's called the Railroad Street Warehouse, and that it's located on Railroad St. somewhere in/around Ann Arbor (a few blocks away from downtown Ypsi). I will try to get more info, as the Citroenist Club that I am a member of started to meet there semi-annually instead of meeting at Carlyle Grill (that is how I found out the warehouse).

      2. citroen67 Avatar

        Found it!
        884 Railroad Street
        Ypsilanti, MI 48197
        Here is a link to a map.

  8. acarr260 Avatar

    A guy with a blog named The Perfect Exposure has some epic photos (I think he's a pro photographer) of these events. Of course, I say the more coverage, the better. It makes me sad that I'm not in Cali when I see stuff like this. There are a lot of car guys and gearheads in Indiana, but no gatherings like this on a regular basis (even in nice weather) that I know about as of yet.

  9. jeremy![™] Avatar

    id rock that cobra.

  10. superbadd75 Avatar

    That Woody really gives me one. Nice!
    A Bugeye with Wankel power? I love it.
    That white Countach takes me back to a time when one hung on my wall along with posters of Samantha Fox and Motley Crue. That car was such over the top ’80s greatness.

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