Announcing Seconds Saturdays at Hanzel's in Oakland

Car show in oakland
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Long has Southern California held the Informal Saturday Morning Car Show crown, what with Cars and Coffee Irvine and the Early Rodders show in La Canada Flintridge (or is that Montrose? Or is that Glendale?).
Sure, these events feature jaw-dropping machinery (and occasionally my jalopies), but there are two major problems with them: One, they are not in Northern California and Two, they are not held at the site of a Citroen-specific shop that’s been in operation since 1918.
(Take that, Taco Bell Parking Lot)
That’s right, Pa and Son Hanzel (the later known ’round here as VWMiniSpeedster) have decided to put on their deal at Hanzel Auto Body Works on the morning of July 9th.
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Well, there’s not that much more to it, detail-wise. The address is 456 23rd St in Oakland and things start at a refreshingly no-crazy-early 8:00am. Unfortunately, the actual lot where this is all going down will cost you about $7 in parking, none of which goes to the folks putting this on. Vehicular asshat-tery while coming and going is strongly discouraged, but you already knew that.
To explain the name and set the tone, we quote the organizers:

Artists, hipsters and ironic moustache enthusiasts have “First Fridays” ( to support Oakland’s art and cultural venues. “Seconds Saturdays” was concocted to support the culture of all things automotive. And by “support the culture of all things automotive” I mean come and hang out with your unique daily driver, “race car”, or trailer queen and check outwhat everyone else brought. We are equal-opportunity & non-discriminatory. Imperfections welcomed; the “seconds” of the automotive world. All years, makes, models and countries of origin are encouraged.

For even more details, and save-and-printability, check out the Seconds Saturdays Event Flier or and a little Background on Hanzel’s


  1. Why am I a unix sysadmin instead of running a Citroen-specializing repair shop? The two seem closely related…
    If I lived in northern California, I would buy a fleet of interesting jalopies, just to attend in style!

  2. Man, I need more car shows in my life.
    The Citroen dealer in Austin went out a long time ago, and now is Run-Tex, a running goods store. I wish it could be both. Citroen owners probably need good jogging shoes.

  3. Oakland!! I'm thinking off cancelling my trip east just to partake, and I'm glad to hear there is at least one other speedster driver in the lovely East Bay. Hope it works out so I can come in August.

  4. I encourage things like this. Here in the Great Rust Belt Lakes State of Mittens there is a once-a-month Cars, Coffee and Karts event that I have yet to attend. Hopefully some day. My church also has a once-a-month Cruise In that I've made it to a few times.
    If I owned a shop or anything auto related, I'd have a weekly event during the summer. Our summer driving without the fear of rust season is entirely too short to have these monthly shindigs.

    1. Great pieces on the Row. Bauer Porsche has now moved into the old Porsche dealer repair building (not the entire front of the dealership) next to Pop's shop. Jack Little passed away and his shop closed as a result. The emptiness of Connell is really sad. The triangular building that used to hold Kia nearly was demolished a couple years ago. Thankfully it was saved when Broadway got its big facelift. The building used to be where Grandpa had his dealership. The shop has been in multiple locations over the years but at its present location the longest.
      Hope to see you there!

  5. Hot Cheese I wish I could be there, but I'll be in Michigan. If it happens in August, I'm there for sure…

  6. Fingers crossed, I'll be there with my E9 project, which should be on the road this week.

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