The new car stuff has been fun lately, but now it’s time for a brief update on my old Benz. This is my 1974 W114 Mercedes-Benz 280 sedan that serves as my daily driver. It’s in decent shape for a car that’s 43 years old. Still, it has some issues that need to be worked out.
Recently, the headlight switch decided to crap out on me. In the process of taking that out, I have to remove the entire gauge cluster. I also need to address some trim pieces on the Benz. The driver’s side door seal and window channel need to be replaced, as does the side mirror bolt cover.
There’s more to cover on the car, but I’m going to save that for a future Shift Happens where I actually drive the thing and talk about what that’s like.
For now, please enjoy this update on the Benz as she sits in my garage… waiting for parts to arrive.