Amelia Island Weekend Edition: Some Of TheGentlemanFarmer's Favorite Body Style


My dad, TheGentlemanFarmer, was born in 1924 and loved open fender body style automobiles. I think this is because when he was a kid, that was the body design of the time. When this olelongrooffan was just a kid, he, thejeepjunkie and I cosmetically restored a, I think, 1929 Model A for which TheGentlemanFarmer eventually traded for a black Angus bull. And that bull was fatally struck by lightning a few years later out in “Dad’s Field.” Yeah true story. This olelongrooffan can’t make shit like this up. 

Anyway, when The Mad_Hungarian and I were at the Concours last weekend, I captured a few images of some open fender automobiles just for TheGentlemanFarmer spending time with my Mom and a bunch of his buddies in automotive heaven and for my fellow Hoons.


Those two guys in the straw hats were chatting it up about The Great American Race in which they participated last year and how exhausting it was. This year they are just going to do a couple stages and call it a day.


This Rolls Royce was absolutely spotless. I had to wait some time for the fans of it to clear away to capture this image of it. Yeah, if this olelongrooffan had to own an open fender car, this would be the one I would want. So far.


Wait. I just changed my mind. Check out the wheels and the shiny engine compartment on this beauty.


I spotted these two, I think, blower Bentleys on my way to meet up with The Mad_Hungarian. They were parked on one of the greens of the 18th fairway. And as much as this olelongrooffan loves vintage BMW’s, until this moment I missed the BMW Art Car under that tent in the background. Talk about sensory overload!


I’m not really sure what those vertical cylinders are on the front of this one but I do know that it


 has a cool ass wood tool box and an external fuel shutoff system on it. Simplicity at its best.


And my maternal grandfather, Man, had a brother who sold Marmon automobiles back in the day in the city famous for those cold beverages and the Arch.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2013/longrooffan

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4 responses to “Amelia Island Weekend Edition: Some Of TheGentlemanFarmer's Favorite Body Style”

  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    I'm not sure what the green streamliner and the white car behind it are, I think I can see "1918 Benz Prinz Henrich" on the placard in front of the green one. They're definitely not blower Bentleys, though.

  2. Tom Lee Avatar
    Tom Lee

    What a waste of a good round of golf, I had free play that day you went there, and because the 17th and 18th were tied up, I gave it up and stayed home……….yeah and I am a millionaire too……….
    Sorry I missed it, but that's life, next year is still there

  3. Sid Troon Avatar
    Sid Troon

    I believe the big cylinders on the front of the big red car are a kind of early shock absorber, big weights riding in oil, they're tuned to the resonant frequency of the front of the frame. I think, if my memory is right. I love open fender cars too, they are so honest, you can see how the car is built .

  4. bus plunge Avatar
    bus plunge

    Longrooffan— you may not remember this but there are photos to prove it….. Back when the GentlemanFarmer had the newspaper office in the second floor of the Newman Center at 821 South Kings Avenue (circa 1964), which was across the street from the men's dorm at SMS, in the detached garage, there was a 1930's Rolls Royce that one of hte Newman Center regulars (I believe it might have been Chris Mess —yes that was his real name, he was from St. Louis) owned. Strapped for cash, he offered it to Dad for $8,000. Dad wanted to buy it but with 10 kids to feed on a newspaper editor's salary, he had to pass.
    As to the photos.. well they are with all the other photos that were divied up but never made it off the top shelf of that one's closet.
    Ed Evers will remember this car also. It was so big it wouldn't fit in the garage. So we backed it in because the top was in tathers. Before there were blue tarps it was covered with an old army surplus tent.
    As long as I knew the car, it ran — not very well but it ran. A fraternity used it a couple of times for homecoming parades.
    Dang, I wish I could get those photos.

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