These days we are bombarded with advertisements. Many of those advertisements are specifically targeted at us and in many cases we may not even know it. The ads are clever, sometimes hitting us right in the feels/wants. But recently I noticed a pattern of advertising of certain types of vehicles – specifically large SUVs and pickup trucks.

In order to show off their towing might, manufactures have been attaching Airstream trailers to them. And frankly, who can blame them? Those trailers are timeless classics, they look great, and deep down inside at some point we all wanted one. Heck, Range Rover even had a press release on how one of their fancy rigs towed one to a snowy place many of us did not know existed. What else would you attach, a porta-potty trailer?

The crazy part is that I think it works. I wouldn’t mind a new RAM Power Wagon with an Airstream Flying Cloud attached to its bumper as I make my way towards Fairbanks. It’s a great dream… and that’s what advertisements like those sell – dreams.  Great looking dreams.