Acura let two of its race car drivers swap rides and the result was interesting

It’s cool when race car drivers get into the same cars to test out their skills head-to-head. Remember when Michael Schumacher lost to NASCAR driver Carl Edwards at the ROC? That was a prideful moment for us Americans. What’s even more interesting is when two race car drivers get in each other’s cars. We get to see if one driver can hold out of their element in a completely different sort of machine.

That’s exactly what Acura did when they had one of their NSX GT drivers, Trent Hindman, swap his normal set of wheels for Ricky Taylor’s ARX-05, and vice versa. Both of these machines are extremely capable, and the differences the professional drivers find in each other’s cars are interesting to say the least.

The two driver’s humor perhaps leaves a little to be desired, however similar to their lap times, it improves throughout the video. What is funny, without intentionally being so, is the driver’s complete confusion upon attempting to enter each other’s vehicles. Hindman appears to want to just dive into the ARX-05, seeing no other available options. The NSX is considerably easier, however, Taylor still manages to find a little trouble doing it. To be fair, most people probably would, too.

Hindman in the ARX

Hindman is first, driving the ARX-05. After getting acquainted with the multitude of buttons on the steering wheel (which look a lot like Skittles–maybe have Skittles sponsor the steering wheel) He takes off smoothly. Even after just a few seconds driving, he’s in awe of just how ridiculous the car feels. Bear in mind, the ARX-05 produces well over its weight in downforce – similar to Kamil’s Integra after I install the massive plywood spoiler I’ve been fashioning for a few days.

Taylor in the NSX

After Hindman finishes his stint in the ARX, he picks his jaw up off of the floor and watches Taylor struggle to enter his NSX. Despite driving the much faster car, Taylor gets the NSX off the line like me when I was learning to drive stick. Says a lot about how different these things are.

ABS is a luxury Taylor does not have in his ARX, and he seems to thoroughly enjoy it in the NSX. He also notes how well the car changes direction, despite it weighing nearly 800 pounds more than the vehicle he usually drives. He says it’s so fun that he’s going to miss tea time, just so he can keep driving. This is another classic joke. These guys just keep them coming.

But are they quick?

Although Acura didn’t show us any lap times, it seems like both drivers had some trouble adjusting to each other’s cars. High-school tier banter theory would dictate that Taylor drives the faster car, so he must be the faster driver. This doesn’t seem like the case here. It’s one thing having the basic skills of a great driver (one who does it well enough to be paid to drive around in circles) but it’s another to be well-adjusted to the minutia of a particular car or chassis.

This is an interesting crossover of which I would like to see more examples. I’ll write the jokes next time.

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