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I have mentioned Ace Performance many times on these pages. It is the performance shop that was started by my good friend Baer Connard almost ten years ago. I frequent it often. Sometimes I just go there to have lunch with an old friend. Sometimes Baer calls me to come over and check out some weird/interesting car. Other times I take my own cars for service there. Sometimes Baer finds out that I’m sporting around in something fun and says that he just has to see it. 
In its ten years of existence Ace Performance grew significantly. But what I respect about Baer and the shop is that they are never afraid of new projects, they never reject work no matter how large or small, and they do really quality stuff. They have built racecars, extremely powerful street cars, helped a handicapped friend from Norway who was driving across United States in a BMW 850Ci, tuned-up a million-mile Lexus, sell Ariel Atoms and Nomads, they are stuffing a Hellcat motor into a ’68 Charger, assembled and modified a Zenos and are building an MkII Escort rally car with EcoBoost power. That’s in addition to taking care of customers with normal stuff, like me, and participating in LeMons racing and other track events. 
You’d think that a shop with such large array of projects and events would make a good reality show. But no, it wouldn’t. All those reality television shows are not about cars, they’re about people. There are characters and all of them want to be actors. And then there is drama which usually comes from people’s inability to plan, schedule, manage, and communicate. That’s what makes good, or at least dramatic television, but that’s also a bunch of bullshit. The real reality if those TV shows is that they show how such businesses should not be operated. And that’s exactly what Ace Performance is not. 
When I recently went there to drive Matt Farah’s Hashtag Million Mile Lexus, I took a walk around the shop and I took some pics. It is not the quantity of vehicles that are there but rather the differences between. Those include various Ariel Atoms, road racing Porsches and Bimmers, dragster Camaro, 90’s JDM exotica, an Escort Mk II rally car, drift cars, classic Americana, and McFly’s 4Runner. Check out the pictures below. 

Even basic Toyotas come here for service. 

Datsun! The 300GT next to it is a VR-4 and it’s getting a complete overhaul. One of Ace’s customers had one just like that when he was young. Nostalgia is a bitch and it forced him to get another one. 

I’ve mentioned the ACEscort before, if briefly, and I wrote about it on out Facebook page. It’s coming along. Follow it here

You can follow Ace Performance on Instagram and on Facebook

I think this is the cleanest SVO I have ever seen. 

I hear that this Camaro might be pretty quick. Might be…

Weekend track car. Ace Performance stores and maintains weekend racers, too. 


Force-fed FRS in for some tuning. Ace deals with a lot of cars that have been modified by someone else with questionable results, and makes them great. 

This is a pickup truck. Dodge, I think. The floor of the bed was made of lovely wood that I forgot to take a pic of – it looked like a yacht. 

I love this thing so much, so here’s another picture. That Caddy in the back, I totally missed when I was there. 

Twin-turbo Lambo needs love, too. 

The Ace dynometer always has something interesting strapped to it. 

We have met the El Diablo before. I think it dynoed at near 1000hp. Not bad. 

Marty McFly’s other car is here, too. It’s getting refreshed everything. Yes, everyone is aware that the movie car wasn’t a 4Runner. 

Yea, baby!

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