About Last Week's Mystery Car

We’re a week in and no one has yet successfully identified last week’s Mystery Car. Now look, unless you’re Jennifer Aniston headlights are hard. Here’s a refresher above and the answer is after the jump. Should you have not yet thrown in the towel then I suggest not clicking that enticing read more link. Otherwise, click away and all will be revealed.
Yep, it’s as you suspected, a BMW X1. Another chance is coming about shortly so don’t feel bad if you didn’t get this one!
Images: ©2105 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved


  1. That frosted area at the top of the lamp made it look like it was part of a silver car.

  2. Nice. Even a BMW guy like me didn’t think of the X1. My conscious decision to block that car from my mind is working well, it seems.

  3. Wait, BMW makes an X1?! Why? Oh, that’s right, so they can oversaturate and water down the brand.

  4. the X1 is just the 1-Series hatch we never got, lifted by like two inches.
    it’s got an X in the name, but it’s just a hatchback with pretensions, like the Infiniti EX. i’m okay with that!

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