Morgan RIP Special at Goodwood

A Morgan Three Wheeler …with four wheels?

Nash and Godfrey hated cogs. They built a car with chains and dogs. And it worked, but would it if… they had built it with a diff?

That’s a good question to ask the owner of the Morgan RIP Special. On the nose, it’s a Morgan Three Wheeler. Out back, it’s a GN. Charlie Martin, the driver of this Franken-thing, pilots it at the Goodwood Member’s Meeting, and you can see it’s a bit of a handful.

The canvas body hides a wooden frame underneath, and the whole thing runs on methanol. Martin has been driving this cycle-car-car for over six years. He knows how to handle it, and it still looks like it wants to swap ends at any chance.

Would it be a blast to drive? Of course! Would we want to run it in an actual vintage race? Yes… but give us a bit of time to get a handle on the thing. And it is a thing. A very interesting, curious thing.

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One response to “A Morgan Three Wheeler …with four wheels?”

  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    Register it as a motorcycle and then add a 4th wheel. Brilliant!

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