A Mint Condition Ford F-150 that redefines "mint"


When it comes to selling your car, it’s your job to point out its features and good points – all the reasons why the buyer should part with his money in exchange for your car. Promote the positive, as they say. The great thing about craigslist is that the buyer is already there, making the job of selling that much easier.

Oh the other hand, it’s also your job to advertise accurately.

 From the ad:

85 ford f-150 4+ 4 wont start  ,mint cond – $1500 (clinton)

old man next door had this truck ,been sittin for 4 years wont start but turns over ? has lots of new parts  ,new exhaust ,maybe rebuilt motor , 300 cid  4 sp  ,4+4, .new brakes, inside is clean , one little dent on passside rear panel , no radio ,tires look good . glass is good ,door panel good , has hitch , h/d bumper,  got title ,$ 1,500 obo tow it away. might get er runin in five min ? not me ! text or call 360 six three two 0 one seven five.


Let me just say that the truck looks pretty good for its age, and I would gladly take this off the seller’s owner’s hands, if it was running. That’s just it, though – it doesn’t turn over. The confused title of the ad “wont start ,mint cond” just adds to the problem. If something isn’t perfect, like it just came off the line, it isn’t mint. If it’s imperfect, it can’t be perfect. Make sense?


It’s really just a matter of semantics, I suppose. I understand what the seller is trying to say – for its age, this is a pretty good truck. If it was running, it would be a very good truck. Am I making too much out of this? Set me straight in the comments.


[ Source: Seattle craigslist]

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9 responses to “A Mint Condition Ford F-150 that redefines "mint"”

  1. vwminispeedster Avatar


    1. MVEilenstein Avatar

      That makes perfect sense.

    2. FreeMan Avatar

      that might be the best comment ever!

  2. stigshift Avatar

    Whoever wrote that ad can't even taste mint….

    1. dead_elvis Avatar

      You never know, he might have a whole troop's worth of Thin Mints locked up in his basement. Or more likely, the troop itself.

    2. FreeMan Avatar

      not even the men's room variety.

  3. Joe Fabeets Avatar
    Joe Fabeets

    On craigslist, "mint" means "presently not on fire".

  4. dukeisduke Avatar

    Is there a "mint cond" checkbox on CL, that he inadvertently checked?

  5. zen_monkey Avatar

    That era F-series features an anti theft starter. If you go out to your truck and find somebody underneath banging a hammer on the starter and you don't know them, call the police.

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