A Celebration of Three-Wheeled Craziness.


Eccentricity is one of the most valuable commodities when it comes to having a project vehicle. It helps if you’re the imaginative sort, too, and of course resolve, staying power and a thick skin are certainly advantageous, too.

I’ll wager that the creator of this fabulously minimalist device, seen during one of the sunnier of my local car shows possessed a fair degree of each of the above characteristics.


At first glance I saw this as a Grinall Scorpion, or something very similar. Then it dawned on me that I was standing right next to it and for a Scorpion to look this size it would have to be standing about fifteen feet away. It’s absolutely tiny.

No doubt some of our more seasoned lovers of cars which are, frankly, unhealthily small and simple, will be shouting at their flickering black and white VDU’s with all kinds of suggestions as to what this thing is. “IT’S QUITE OBVIOUSLY A (insert suggestion here) YOU BLABBERING CRETIN”

Well, you’re absolutely right. There was a handily placed cardboard sheet onto which somebody had scrawled details of exactly what we were looking at, which turns out to be part 1950’s Bond 250, part Yamaha Maxster. And all absolutely barking mad.

I should imagine, even with a stated maximum of just 45mph, that this thing is absolutely hilarious to drive and I would be very keen indeed to have a go.

And to echo the words of the chap wot wrote the writing on the card; this post is now classed as a tribute to the eccentrics who make garage tinkering into an art form.

[Images Copyright Hooniverse/Chris Haining 2014]

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