A BMW 2002 turned into a ‘Ring tool is a thing of beauty

“If you told me you’d be doing that, I wouldn’t have sold it to you.” Those are the words of the prior owner of this BMW 2002 to the current owner. In it’s past life, the prior owner wouldn’t drive the car in the rain. Now it’s used to assault the Nürburgring and it’s doing a damn fine job of that.

The car is referred to as 02Licious. And it’s a fitting nonsensical moniker. On the outside, it looks like a properly modified machine, with wide fenders out back and a simple body kit around the lower portion of the car. Under the hood, the owner has upgraded the engine a bit so it’s making 210 horsepower. Pretty darn good for a car that weighs less than 2,200 pounds.

A rare Getrag dogleg gearbox sits behind the engine, which the owner treats kindly with rev matching shifts. Inside, it’s caged and prepped for battle but the seats looks comfortable and the view over the hood looks wonderful.

And then there’s that noise. This is a car that likes to sing. It’s song is a glorious tune that harkens back to a time when BMW was truly building the ultimate driving machines.

Click play and ride along with Misha Charoudin as he takes in a lap from the passenger seat.

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