'80s Ad Weekend Edition – Ford Sierra XR4 (Argentina)

Despite being available as only pretty shoddy quality upload – it’s been on YouTube since 2006 – this Argentinian ad for the Ford Sierra XR4 is very likeable. Sure, it’s dated and revolves around the idea that the Charlton Heston lookalike behind the wheel uses a black Sierra to woo an impressionable catwoman, but somehow it all works pretty well together.
And the music is as ’80s action theme as it can be. That’s always a good thing.

[youtube width=”720″ height=”480″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOm8TAZd-M0[/youtube]
The clip might have been one of the reasons why I bought a Sierra last year. Maybe I should have waited for a V6 one to come around.
[Source: YouTube]


  1. I liked how the wheels glowed just before takeoff. Too bad this wasn’t an option on the production cars – it beats undercar neons any day.

  2. Possibly the only car ad to showcase the ‘door ajar’ warning light.
    The sound quality is so bad the first 30 seconds sounded like my guts on burrito day. I think it’s supposed to be a morph of the Ford Pinto motor and a feline of some kind, but that only brings to mind the image of a horse (pinto) bumping uglies with a great cat. I’ll take the burrito.
    Charlton Heston? He looks more like Bob Geldof, or maybe Jet Black out of The Stranglers.

  3. It blows my mind, blows my very mind that the XR4 could be had with a lowly non-turbo, non-v6 engine. Even moreso that Argentina never had the facelifted Sierra at all.
    Must have been amazing seeing Sierras park alongside still-in-production ’60s Falcons in Ford showrooms.

    1. Almost as amazing: seeing Sierras (known as Merkurs in the USA) parked alongside Lincoln Town Cars in American showrooms. A little too amazing perhaps – Merkur only lasted a few years on the US market.

      1. The local Lincoln/Merc shop had 4 XR4TIs in a row for what seemed years. Once we stopped to check them out… the banner said $5600. We were wrong. That was the address for the dealership. Ohwell.

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