We all love racing – participating, spectating, watching it on TV. But we would be damn liars if we didn’t admit that part of the allure of racing is seeing a wreck. Deny it all you want but those are the greatest oh, ah, OMG, oh shit yea, and oh yeah, yea, yeah! moments. In the end we just hope that everyone walks away unharmed. Cars are replaceable, if pricey.

Last weekend, at the New Jersey 24 Hours of Lemons race that we didn’t participate in this year, a spectacular wreck occurred. Team 666 E36 BMW went for the racercar-sandwich pass, squeezing itself into a tight opening between two other racecars. The opening proved far too tight for the threesome, providing a spectacular result. But the money-shot is the above screen grab, with parts falling off the old bimmer.

Different angle below. Remember kids, can’t use lube in racing. And always use protection.