24 Hours of Lemons New England – The Parking Lot

Sometimes the most interesting cars at any car event are right in the parking lot. It was no different at this weekend’s New England Lemons race. There were interesting sports cars, sedans, and trucks. New and old, common (not many pics of those) and unique. Below is a gallery of the cars seen in the parking lot… with a few surprises.


The white F30 BMW 335i may look familiar. It belongs to Will Turner, owner of a certain BMW ActiveE and Turner Motorsport. What does a guy who races in Grand-Am’s Rolex and Continental Sports Car Challenge do on a race-free weekend? Well, he races Lemons! In this case the Turner team kept a low profile, and with their red E30 they could have been mistaken for any other Lemons team. I wish I had half of this guy’s passion.

The rat-rod was awesome, as was the old Caddy. I don’t know anything about either one of these cars but unlike California, where these are penny-a-dozen, you don’t see those often in the northeast. Like Audis? Check out the red Coupe. Porsche fan? There were a few with hair-dryers attached. Some cool tow rigs too. 

What really blew my mind were the campers and the camping buses. Those things are not cheap and there was quite a few of them which just shows that Lemons racing really attracts all kinds, especially considering that there was a creepy old pedo van for every tour bus. 

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    1. You know… I like this one much more than the outgoing E90s. I'd like to drive one.
      The E90s were all kinds of awful; the headlights, the interior (headroom, cupholders, cheap parts, etc). The only good thing about the E90 was the M3 which an amazing vehicle an all accounts.

      1. I'll give you that. There was something that looked so "built with cost effectiveness in mind" on the e90s, especially on the rear end styling.

  1. The '63 Cadillac hardtop sedan. My likey!
    Me likey more as a 'coupe', but hey, you take what you can get.
    Nicely primered for a proper Cadillac paint job, too.
    edit: Got my years wrong. I'm shaming myself, no worries.

  2. Is anyone here going to LeMons at Buttonwillow at the end of June? I've never been to one and I'm thinking about checking it out.

    1. Full reply below. Should be fun as it will be a full 24hr race. Hope to see you there.

    2. Go. I've never had more fun or met nicer folks at any other race. And I'm totally jealous that it'll be a 24 hr race. Most end around dusk and restart Sunday morning. Night driving's a totally different animal.

  3. Stu, I'll be racing the My Little Pony Mustang complete with pink mane and tail and giant rainbow from roof to hatchback. Not sure if Pete and the Bee will be there. The race is from 10am Saturday to 10am Sunday. No stopping for booze and shananigans like I'm used to. Racing in the dark will be fun. I hope. Stop on by and check us out. I'll have the Citroen couch and some other entertainment so we can hone our driving skills when not on the track. 😉

    1. Sounds like fun! I'll have to get some more info from you and other LeMons-experienced folks next Seconds Saturday.

        1. I'll be there. This time I'll bring my Buick, which is painted in Oakland-appropriate colors.

          1. Please be green metal flake with gold trim rolling on 22s.

  4. Holy Wah, that could be my 318is with the "for sale" sign on it…except that it has the wheels i need to find/buy to replace the not terrible, but still wrong wheels mine came with.

    1. There were two: one was $3000 and the other (black I think) was $800. Or $3500 for both.
      The $3000 was in very good condition but priced a little too high IMO.

  5. Too much! That CAD is RAD! The rear tires on the rat rod are huge! Always wanted to do the LeMons…bucket list item. Now I have to go for the car show in the parking lot!

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