24 Hours of LeMons Houston Preview: Multiple-Car Teams and Glorious Buicks

While most racing series have already packed up their scoresheets (Are those a thing?) and teams have settled in for long-winter overhauls, the 24 Hours of LeMons has a considerably shorter offseason. This weekend’s “Houston, We Have a Problem” race at MSR Houston marks the next-to-last—some might even say “penultimate”—LeMons race of 2016. MSR was one of the first additions to the LeMons calendar outside of California, holding a race in 2008 and has been on the calendar annually (and often with multiple races) since. This race should feature unusually pleasant, if cloudy, weather. That said, rain is never out of the question near the Gulf of Mexico. You can get the entire unofficial entry list here, but we’ll give a brief rifling-through of the entry list after the jump.

As always in Texas, Ford Mustangs (11) make up a healthy portion of the 105-car entry list, although Hondas (10), Mazdas (13), and BMWs (13) should add to a pretty Class A-heavy field. Return winners Team Blue Goose (Audi 4000, above), Car-B-Q (Nissan 300ZX), and Pulp Friction (BMW E30) should be near the front and the Spin It To Win It Toyota MR2 nearly beat Car-B-Q at Eagles Canyon Raceway earlier this year.
But that’s all boring stuff, winners and all. You really want to know about the interesting cars that’ll be there. Orca Racing are one of several multiple-car teams; they’ll have their 2003 Cadillac CTS and 1973 Porsche 914 (above) on-hand to offer opposing takes on True Effluence. Texas’ Tetanus Racing, who raced at the first MSR race in ’08, will bring a four-car stable that includes their long-suffering Dodge Neon, their long-suffering Porsche 944, their medium-suffering BMW E30, and a fresh-meat ’93 Nissan 240SX.
Inglorious Bastards will also have a three-car team. Their cheaty MN12 Ford Thunderbird has run dozens of LeMons races all over the country, but they also have a Honda Civic Wagovan and, more importantly, a 1980 Cadillac Seville registered for this race. The same team also had some involvement in preparing the Rambler Classic (above) that has traveled the country, although Escape Velocity Racing will be running the Rambler in addition to their ’64 Dart.
We knew that the famous Track Pillagerz! Buick Le Sabre—which had sat unused for several years—changed hands earlier this year. We think the “Hungry Pillagers” entry is likely the same Buick and we’re excited for its return. It’s not the only Buick on the entry list, either; Cheap Saloon Racing’s ’89 Buick Century will likely be either the best or worst Class C of the weekend.
You can follow along with the action via RaceMonitor or Specialty Timing and you can always read the official recap(s) on Roadkill.com. Here’s a bunch of additional information that may or may not be useful:

Friday Tech Inspection (EST) 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday Session (EST) 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday Session (EST) 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
LeMons Lap Record 1:54.221 – Assmasters/1976 Ford Mustang II (2011-2)
Overall Winners 2008 – The SCHWING Team (Toyota Corolla)
2009 (1) – Formula M as in Mullet – Ford Mustang
2009 (2) – Race Hard Race Ugly (BMW E30)
2010 (1) – Red Rocket Ratnest Revival (Ford Taurus SHO)
2010 (2) – Mid-Drive Crisis (Mitsubishi Mirage)
2011 (1) – Z-Wrecks (Datsun 280ZX)
2011 (2) – Team BenzGay (Mercedes 300E)
2011 (3) – SHOtime (Ford Taurus SHO)
2012 – Z-Wrecks (Datsun 280ZX)
2013 – Z-Wrecks (Datsun 280ZX)
2014 – Back to the Past (Nissan 300ZX)
2015 – Team Blue Goose (Audi 4000)
Class B Winners 2008 – Los Cucaroches (Ford Mustang)
2009 (1) – MusTank Racing (Ford Mustang)
2009 (2) – Speed Racer Ya’ll (Saturn SC2)
2010 (1) – Never Give Up (BMW 1600-2)
2010 (2) – Z Wrecks (Datsun 280ZX)
2011 (1) – Z-Wrecks (Datsun 280ZX)
2011 (2) – MetroSexual (Geo Metro)
2011 (3) – Time Travelers of Doom (Pontiac Fiero)
2012 – Team Blue Goose (Audi 4000)
2013 – Frankenstein Motorworks (Honda Accord)
2014 – Inglorious Bastards (Ford Thunderbird)
2015 – Speedy Monzales DBA Turkey (Pontiac Sunbird)
Class C Winners 2008 – 8NKS8 (Honda Accord)
2009 (1) – Z-Wrecks (Datsun 280ZX)
2009 (2) – Rust Pirate Racing (Chevy Camaro)
2010 (1) – Little Buckadillo (VW Baja Bug)
2010 (2) – Exhibition of Slow (Toyota Tercel EZ)
2011 (1) – Exhibition of Slow (Toyota Tercel EZ)
2011 (2) – Mostly Harmless Racing (Mercury Capri)
2011 (3) – Exhibition of Slow (Toyota Tercel EZ)
2012 – TARP Racing Simca (Toyota MR2)
2013 – Piston Broke Racing (Mitsubishi Eclipse)
2014 – TGTW Offroad Racing (Toyota Corolla)
2015 – The Resistance (Honda Civic)
Index of Effluency Winners 2008 – Never Give Up (BMW 1600-2)
2009 (1) – Opular Dependence (Opel GT)
2009 (2) – Black Knight Racing (Triumph TR7)
2010 (1) – LRE: LeMons Racing Experiment (Datsun 240Z)
2010 (2) – Seven Come Eleven (VW Fastback)
2011 (1) – Exhibition of Slow (Toyota Tercel EZ)
2011 (2) – B-League Film Society (Mercedes 200)
2011 (3) – Apex Vinyl TX (Toyota Hilux)
2012 – Team Green Coronet (Dodge Coronet)
2013 – Escape Velocity Racing (Dodge Dart)
2014 – The Resistance (Honda Civic)
2015 – NSF Racing (Chrysler Sebring)

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7 responses to “24 Hours of LeMons Houston Preview: Multiple-Car Teams and Glorious Buicks”

  1. outback_ute Avatar

    What is the car in the lead image?

    1. The Rusty Hub Avatar
      The Rusty Hub

      I believe it’s a second-gen Toyota MR2.

      1. outback_ute Avatar

        Yes it would seem so – not sure I’ve ever seen one without the rear spoiler!

        1. Kevin Avatar

          It is a 1973 Porsche 914!

          1. outback_ute Avatar

            Looks a lot different from the last 914 I saw, the profile of the rear deck area seems taller for one thing and the engine bay opening goes further back. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/37b39cabb75ff31c1ebab60f0ae7a89eeb3eb36e11e2e254310a4a5b12bed120.jp

  2. Cabinboy Avatar

    I see the Peon Neon is back. Still drive by the Street Outlaws guys?

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