24 Hours of LeMons 2010 Schedule Goes Live

Film at Eleven!
Film at Eleven!

Wait, what’s this? News? I have no idea how to do this. I’m far better at gazing at my navel. Look! Lint!
The insane geniuses over at the 24 Hours of Lemons, the world’s greatest racing league, have just released their 2010 Events Schedule, and there’s no way around it. We’re astonished.
Somehow, they’ve managed to increase the number of events from 2009’s ten, to a mind-blowing 23 Events in 2010. And, I’d like to point out, not a single bloody one is anywhere near me. So I am forced to ask the LeMons organizers: Why do you hate me so much? I gave the damn kid back!
Full schedule can be found at the 24 Hours of LeMons website! Here’s a neat little summary below:


3-24 January 2010: Auction-Weekend Gavel-Trap GP (Phoenix AZ)

Firebird International Raceway, Chandler AZ

6-7 February 2010: Southern Discomfort (Charlotte NC)

Carolina Motorsports Park, Kershaw SC

20-21 February 2010: Gator-O-Rama (Houston TX)

MSR Houston, Angleton TX

6-7 March 2010: Sears Pointless (San Francisco CA)

Infineon Raceway, Sonoma CA

7 March 2010: Concours d’LeMons & Track Tour (San Francisco CA)

Infineon Raceway, Sonoma CA

17-18 April 2010: American Irony (Detroit MI)

Gingerman Raceway, South Haven MI

1-2 May 2010: Cain’t Git Bayou (New Orleans LA)

The Circuit at Grand Bayou, Belle Rose LA

8-9 May 2010: Goin’ For Broken 24-Hour (Reno NV)

Reno-Fernley Raceway, Fernley NV

29-30 May 2010: LeMons South Spring (Charlotte NC)

Carolina Motorsports Park, Kershaw SC

5-6 June 2010: North Dallas Hooptie (Dallas TX)

Eagle’s Canyon Raceway, Decatur TX

19-20 June 2010: Capitol Offense (Washington DC)

Summit Point Motorsports Park, Summit Point WV

10-11 July 2010: The B.F.E. GP (Denver CO)

High Plains Raceway, Deer Trail CO

24-25 July 2010: LeMons New England (Providence RI)

Stafford Motor Speedway, Stafford Springs CT

7-8 August 2010: LeMons Arse-Sweat-Apalooza (San Francisco CA)

Thunderhill Raceway Park, Willows CA

14 August 2010: Concours d’LeMons (Monterey CA)

Toro Park, Monterey CA

28-29 August 2010: Mutually Assured Destruction of Omaha (Omaha NE)

Mid-America Motorplex, Pacific Junction IA

11-12 September 2010: Yee-Haw, It’s LeMons Texas (Houston TX)

MSR Houston, Angleton TX

25-26 September 2010: LeMons South Fall (Charlotte NC)

Carolina Motorsports Park, Kershaw SC

9-10 October 2010: Detroit Bull Oil Grand Prix (Detroit MI)

Gingerman Raceway, South Haven MI

23-24 October 2010: Rod Blagojevich Never-Say-Die 500 (Chicago IL)

Autobahn Country Club, Joliet IL

20-21 November 2010: Laissez les Crapheaps Roulez (New Orleans LA)

The Circuit at Grand Bayou, Belle Rose LA

4-5 December 2010: LeMons Arse-Freeze-Apalooza (Los Angeles CA)

Buttonwillow Raceway Park, Buttonwillow CA

30-31 December 2010: 24 Horas de Cuba del Norte (Miami FL)

Palm Beach International Raceway, Jupiter FL

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72 responses to “24 Hours of LeMons 2010 Schedule Goes Live”

  1. Graverobber Avatar

    At least Buttonwillow won’t be in August again. /sweatsweatsweat.

    1. jeremy! Avatar

      right, they go from heat exhaustion to frostbitten in one season.
      also, how did the wife take to my proposal?

      1. Graverobber Avatar

        Er, yeah, uh that’s gonna’ be a problem. I’ll PM you later.

      2. Tim Odell Avatar
        Tim Odell

        Dude, it’s bad form to be proposing to other people’s wives.

        1. jeremy! Avatar

          i know. but i left his circular saw out of this arrangement.

    2. Brian Avatar

      Not to be a pedantic weenie (I know, too late) but, isn’t Buttonwiollow more Bakersfield than LA? BTW, my old w123 is still on the street in front of my house. I’d gladly contribute if anyone from San Diego want to form a team. To be clear, it DID NOT run when parked. Some kind of engine swap may be appropriate though … hmmm.

      1. Thrashy Avatar

        Hell, the “Omaha” race isn’t even in the same state as that city. Not that I’m going to complain, MAM is a good track and I’m happy to see some more races in the central midwest. Maybe I’ll even be able to go to one this season (driving or otherwise)!

  2. lilwillie Avatar

    Autobahn in Juliet, Ginger twice, Iowa…..
    I am near Madison. Any Hooniverse Hoons running LeMons? I am game.

    1. lilwillie Avatar

      Ok, I have been waiting forever to have a LeMons close enough to me. I have two possible drivers plus me (3 total) and maybe a fourth if he is up for it…..
      I have a facility to build the car. I have a race team I have helped with a hauler.
      some how, some way I’ll be at this one for sure.http://www.24hoursoflemons.com/chicago10/
      If everyone falls through, I’ll jump on a team that needs a seasoned wrench in the pits.

      1. lilwillie Avatar

        well, this is moving fast. I have one confirmed to do it (brother). We have a theme also. “Hunting for a Win” Blaze Orange, Whitetail hunting theme.

        1. lilwillie Avatar

          We have four, it took me just a few hours and I have four ready to go. The racing is on for next year at the Chicago Autobahn. Anyone who wants to join us, let me know!

          1. Tollberg Avatar

            Well I’m graduating school in June and I’m not sure where I’ll end up once that happens, but if I’m still in the Chicago area afterwards then I might be willing to be of service since Madison is surprisingly the closest team I’ve found thus far. But again, much can change in the next 8 months so sadly I cannot make a commitment at the moment.

  3. Formerlythegreatestdriver Avatar

    06:31. Nice.

  4. joshuman Avatar

    How did you manage to hire Melissa Theuriau as the official host of the HoonCast News Network? I know, she harbors a secret love of Citroen DS and cattery 1980’s Peugeot diesels so she does it for free.

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar

      She makes Megan Fox look like a one-armed hobo stealing your hubcaps…

  5. Schm von Richthofen Avatar
    Schm von Richthofen

    On a scale of one to a zillion, I would say I’m a zillion excited to finally be able to go to an event. Yeah Phoenix!

    1. PFG Avatar

      My brother-in-law and I might be at the Phoenix race, doing recon for a potential entry in the Buttonwillow event.

  6. aSoundofSleep Avatar

    Is it just me or am I not seeing Nelson Ledges on there? I /did/ just get glasses.

  7. small_e Avatar

    While I’m saddened to see that Nelson Ledges isn’t on the 2010 schedule, I’m also happy that there are 3 races close enough to delude myself into racing at. That way I might be able to get more than one race in, once I get a team together and build a car. Assuming the Fiero lasts until the end of even one race.
    American Irony, here I come! (then, hopefully, the Detroit Bull Oil Grand Prix, and Rod Blagojevich Never-Say-Die 500)

  8. Jo Schmo Avatar
    Jo Schmo

    Can someone please tell them to bring it to http://www.millermotorsportspark.com/ here in Utah? I guaran-damn-tee it would do well here. Otherwise it’s Denver, Reno, or Phoenix which are all a day away from me.

  9. superbadd75, enriched with vitamins and minerals. Avatar
    superbadd75, enriched with vitamins and minerals.

    North Dallas Hooptie? Decatur is waaaay west of Dallas. No matter, that will be close enough for me to attend. Will y’all be alerting us of individual events as they draw near?

  10. Mike the Dog Avatar

    Not one but two events in metro Detroit? I’ve died and gone to hoopty-hooning heaven.

    1. Mike the Dog Avatar

      I just Googled that track. They might as well have said the races were in Chicago, as it’s much closer than Detroit. Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo would be even closer.

      1. jeremy! Avatar

        exactly what i thought when i saw that track…

      2. small_e Avatar

        It looks to be a little closer to you than Nelson Ledges was/would have been, and about the same amount farther from me. I’m still going.

      3. Jeff Glucker Avatar

        Same with calling Stafford Springs, CT – Providence, RI…

  11. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

    OMAHA! That’s a reasonable driving distance! Hot damn!

    1. killermouse Avatar

      OMAHA! I’m shocked that we made the list.

      1. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

        Well not exactly Omaha, but three hours from my doorstep is close enough. Postal Jeep racing team anyone?

  12. Dr.Dangerously Avatar

    I might have to make the trip to Stafford Springs, CT. Nearest one in New England.

  13. Goingincirclez Avatar

    You had me before, but even moreso with “Rod Blagojevich Never-Say-Die 500”. I assume there are plenty of toupes lined up for penalties…
    Any would-be LeMon Hoonigans in the Central KY area? I’m trying to get a team off the ground; got a few people and a car, just need a few more pieces of the puzzle to make it all a go!

  14. citroen67 Avatar

    Two in Michigan…Woohoo! I think I am going to go out of my way to go to at least one of them.

  15. Dearthair's American "Aunt" Mary Avatar
    Dearthair’s American “Aunt” Mary

    I am an hour from Joliet and have two couches and three air mattresses. Peoria Charter Coach runs shuttles from both Chicago airports to Joliet or Pontiac, where I live, for under $30.

  16. A strolling player Avatar

    Hot balls! They moved the New Orleans race up to May, so instead of sweltering it’ll just be ballsweatsville!
    Maybe my interjection was more than that.

    1. A strolling player Avatar

      And I don’t know what kind of ideas the dudes at No Problem Raceway are getting, but “Circuit Grand Bayou”? “The Gulf South’s Only Motorsports Resort”?!
      BA-HAHAHAHAHAHA! Man, these guys are hilarious! It’s a decent track and all, but a resort?!
      Delusions of grandeur abound. I’ll see you all there.

  17. engineerd Avatar

    Not one, but two races at Gingerman! And Joliet! That’s like three chances for me to miss the race due to a conflict my wife scheduled unbeknownst to me.
    Also, Gingerman is nowhere near Detroit. It’s on the west side of the state, which might as well be a different world. It’s all Dutch and peaceful. Oh well, we’ll chalk that up to a rounding error and move on.

    1. small_e Avatar

      Write the races down on her calendar now, so she can’t double book you.

  18. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    Providence, my ass. That’s Springfield, Mass. (And, by association, Boston; Hotfid; Portland, Maine; Manchester…)
    Hmm, I’m half an hour from Fitchburg, then south to Wista and then down 90 to 84 and that’s that. Whether I’ll be able to make it, though, is another question – this year’s race coincided with my trip to Scotland, and next year’s is right before/as my partner flies over here. So there’s that. But in all likelihood I’ll be attending at least one day, albeit alone, and meeting you other crazy Ningland motherfuckers.

    1. Van Sarockin Avatar
      Van Sarockin

      Yep, only about 2.5 hrs from beantown, with the hammer down, and the creek don’t rise. Wish there were more nearby, too.

      1. Dr.Dangerously Avatar

        I can make it in 1.5
        depending on if the troopers are out or not

      2. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

        Waitwait, you’re one of us? Damn right! Now I have to show up and hang out with Danger and see that damn Corvair.

    2. Andy Wallwhore Avatar
      Andy Wallwhore

      Hopefully you can make it. I’ve driven down from Albany, NY for both NE races, and driven through (or maybe near, can’t remember) Fitchburg. You ought to go this year, I’ll overlook your absence the last two.

      1. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

        Fitchburg really is the kind of city you drive through. Route 2 goes right across due south of it; that’s where us southwest New Hampshire dwellers get on for Boston.
        (I rode through Albany once, a few years ago.)
        It’ll be good to see you too, man.
        largeYodaPickup below me: Hell if I know, but I’m gonna find out!

    3. littleYodaPickup Avatar

      Do you know if n00bs are welcome? I almost went this year as a spectator, but ending up bailing when something else came up. I don’t have the cash or knowhow to put together a team.

      1. Rockford_Brodie Avatar

        You can buy tix in advance at the site, but I’m sure if you showed up at the gate with your homies Jackson and Hamilton, you’ll get wristbanded faster than a SBC overheats!

  19. tenbeers Avatar

    kickass! summit point is only about an hour or so from here.

    1. BGW, Capt. (Ret.) Avatar
      BGW, Capt. (Ret.)

      I was hoping for VIR, but I understand it’s kinda ‘spensive to rent. Summit Point’s cool though, and if it’s not a true 24-hour race, I think an evening trip to the half-assed casino might be in order.

  20. Cognitive Friction Avatar

    Woo hoo, Joliet! Now to get me a ’74 Dodge Monaco and fire up the Blues Brothers theme…
    So excited that there will finally be a LeMons event within driving distance!
    (PS – this site kicks taint, balls, and ass in one swing)

  21. BTLFED Avatar

    Hot damn! I better be able to make it to some LeMons action this year, or I am going to be PISSED. I got screwed big time out of both of the LeMons South races, and Laissez les Crapheaps Roulez race. I must watch LeMons glory!
    Sidenote: Thanks Engineerd for telling me about this awesomeness that is the Hooniverse. I’ve found a new home.

  22. Tomsk Avatar

    Buttonwillow moved to December. I’m down with that.

  23. Deartháir Avatar

    That’s okay. We’ll split the driving, the gas, and consume booze together. After the driving, naturally.

  24. Maymar Avatar

    I had better be able to make it to one of the Michigan events, or I’ll be a little sad panda. I’d like to say I’d be able to field a team (since the Cavalier is being retired from daily driver duty), but I’m still on a studenty budget, so spectating’s good enough for now.

  25. drewdraws2 Avatar

    Wow, really not showing much love for the East Coast, huh? With a baby on the way in April, somehow I doubt I’d be able to make next season happen anyway, but still

    1. Braff Avatar

      my teammate has a baby due in March… NO EXCUSES…

      1. the_missus Avatar

        It would be more impressive if it were him having the baby…

  26. privateschoolTony Avatar

    Damn! Los Angeles isn’t coming till December 2010!
    Oh well, at least it’ll let me get my (probably not gonna happen) Toyota truck with the 22RE ready.
    Sigh. A kid can dream can he?

  27. thriddis Avatar

    4 races to go to from here in N. CA. I am in heaven and infineon, I can not believe. Time to fire up the iracing and get to practicing on that track. Yahoo!!!

  28. Mike the Dog Avatar

    What you’re saying is you don’t need to understand Spanish to appreciate it?

  29. Prawo Jazdy and The Velocity Trumpets Avatar
    Prawo Jazdy and The Velocity Trumpets

    Lets get a Michigan team together. We can go to the first one, jot down our notes and what not and then enter the 2nd race.

    1. engineerd Avatar

      I’d be down for that! We could be the Mugger Movers! Or do a Star Trek theme on a Pulsar! Seriously, I’m in.

  30. Prawo Jazdy and The Velocity Trumpets Avatar
    Prawo Jazdy and The Velocity Trumpets

    There isn’t a message system on here is there? Not that I don’t trust you guys, its the robots searching the web for e-mail addresses, so I don’t want to post it here. Star Trek sounds mighty awesome. If your still on [REDACTED], I’ll send you a message.

    1. Prawo Jazdy and The Velocity Trumpets Avatar
      Prawo Jazdy and The Velocity Trumpets

      you’re. Prawo Jazdy and the Smrty Pants.
      Message sent.

  31. Formerlythegreatestdriver Avatar

    I know it’s an old post and everything but I just can’t seem to stop looking at her!

    1. Prawo Jazdy and The Velocity Trumpets Avatar
      Prawo Jazdy and The Velocity Trumpets

      This isn’t the first time you have seen her is it?

      1. Formerlythegreatestdriver Avatar

        Nope. But still…

  32. Prawo Jazdy and The Velocity Trumpets Avatar
    Prawo Jazdy and The Velocity Trumpets

    I understand completely. If there wasn’t a Mrs. Jazdy, something tells me I would be in jail in Europe.

  33. Hugh Wenrich Avatar

    […] https://hooniverse.com/blog/2009/10/15/24-hours-of-lemons-2010-schedule-goes-live – 24 Hours of LeMons 2010 Schedule Goes Live : Hooniverse… We have too many timeshares and need to sell or even give them away to a good new home. Maybe that’s you? …read more at http://www.westweeks.com/ […]

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