2018 HCOTY Nominee: The #MillionMileLexus

Earlier this year I drove Matt Farah’s Lexus LS 400. At the time it had 981,199 miles on the odometer. That is a lot of miles for any vehicle. To my surprise the big Japanese sedan drove rather smoothly. It drove like a nice old car in need of some TLC. I sure as hack have driven many worse cars with a fifth of this mileage. A few days in the shop and the million mile Lexus would look and drive like a million bucks.

The number of miles alone is what really makes this vehicle special. The mileage was put on by many owners and many more drivers. The vehicle has been worked on, touched by, and modified by many people along the way. That is never good. But despite of that, this white LS 400 drives great for what it is.

It therefore is my nomination for the 2018 Hooniverse Car of The Year. The first generation Lexus LS 400 was a well-designed, overbuilt, and perfectly priced vehicle. It made the brand synonymous with quality and longevity. And Matt’s Lexus proves that. And that is why it should be the 2018 Hooniverse Car of the Year!

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