2017 RUF CTR – Yellowbird Tribute

While RUF is recognized as an independent vehicle manufacturer, its vehicles were always heavy based on Porsches, or they were heavily modified Porsches, depending on your perspective. Now RUF introduced the new CTR at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show. Despite the car’s look, RUF says that it is not a Porsche. Rather, it is an all new, all original, carbon monocoque-based vehicle. While it does significantly resemble the original Yellowbird, according to RUF only the flat-six engine and transmission are Porsche based.
Over at The Drive there is a Porsche worshiping writer named Bradley Brownsport, or something like that, who ruins perfectly good cars when not writing about them. He recently wrote an article on the new 2017 RUF CTR and how he was totally not impressed with it.
He is also totally wrong. Allow me to explain. 

Image Credit: Drew Phillips/Autoblog.com

Its twin-turbo engine makes 710 horsepower. That power is sent to the 19” center-locked rear wheels via a newly-developed six-speed manual transmission and a limited-slip differential. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s wrap the wheels, 245mm wide in the front and 305 mm in the rear. It may seem old school but it isn’t.
The chassis is equally impressive with double-wishbone control arms in a pushrod configuration for both the front and rear axles. Carbon ceramic brakes (380 mm front, 350 mm rear) are squeezed by multi-piston fixed calipers. The front and rear crash structures are built with lightweight steel. There is also the typical RUF integrated roll cage which adds chassis strength and safety.
The specs say that this 2640-pound vehicle can travel from naught to 62 miles per hour in under 3.5 seconds. That’s fast, but obviously there are many hypercars that are faster. The RUF CTR reaches its terminal velocity at around an impressive 225 mph.

Image Credit: Drew Phillips/Autoblog.com

Now, my man Bradley is not impressed with that. He says that the car should be lighter and faster. That’s because the new car is 105 pounds chunkier than the original car, while remaining nearly identical in all dimensions, and only fourteen miles per hour faster in top speed.
Let’s get something straight. The original Yellowbird was a suicide tin can based on the VW Beetle. It was probably scary to drive (I have it in Gran Tourismo, so I know!) and lacked modern refinement, comfort, and safety. It is safe to assume that the new car has all those things as it would otherwise be difficult to sell. And that explains the weight gain, too.
Regarding the top speed, that is a tricky one. You see, as speed increases so does the aerodynamic drag on the car. At over 200 mph the force of the drag is much higher than force a vehicle has to overcome due to its weight. Drag force could be reduced but it could come at a price of down-force and therefore cornering traction. It’s all a trade-off but in the end neither the original Yellowbird nor this new CTR, which inherited much of the original cars aerodynamics, was designed with top speed in mind. If they were, both look more like the 917 Le Mans car.
I can’t even agree with Bradley that this is a “truly modern supercar hiding in a vintage looking shell”
RUF clearly made this car to as a tribute to the original Yellowbird – dimensions, interior, look and all. While RUF says that this is an all new design, it clearly isn’t a new idea. The new CTR is not meant to be a modern supercar like the Yellowbird was at its time. Rather, this vehicle is for rich purists and the fact that there are no fancy AWD systems, dual clutch transmissions, hybrid power, or other modern exotic performance stuff here only exemplifies that.
This car will allow RUF to cash in on the hot bubbling classic 911 Carrera market and the various tribute cars. With the insane price of new 911Rs and various redone Singer cars, RUF should not have any problems moving the thirty planned cars at 750,000 Euro each.

Image Credit: Drew Phillips/Autoblog.com

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