2013 NYIAS: Update from Jack


So apparently there is some embargo on teen journalists here at the New York International Auto Show. We got him a badge and a wrist band… but they wouldn’t let us on the floor. Apparently you have to be at least 18, which wasn’t a problem when we signed Jack up initially.

Do you think we turned tail and walked home? No… We didn’t get Jack onto the main floor, but did manage to sneak the young lad into the GM pavilion at the north end of the show [where he behaved like a perfect gentleman and no one challenged his right to be there].

Here are Jack’s observations on the GM products he was able to see up close and personal..

New Impala (2014)
“Nice, but the interior wood trim looks really fake. The styling reminds me a lot of VW products…the nose and tail are Jetta-esque and the way the hipline comes out of the rear light cluster feels very CC. But since I like VW products, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”

Spark [Maybe his favorite car in the GM area?]
“I liked it a lot. Mostly because it’s so small. It felt like a go kart.”

“I don’t even like the idea of this car. It’s like they tried too hard to make it look modern — especially the interior.”

New Corvette
“Looks better in person than in pictures, but it also feels they stole the back of the Camaro and put it on this car. The interior is very nice. Great seats.”

Camaro Z/28

“Honestly, it doesn’t look that different to compared to the regular car. They seem to like to put contrasting body panels on their cars…”

New SS (2014)
“Cool looking exterior but I don’t like the steering wheel. It’s too square. The way the nav screen is built in to the dash is weird, too. Good rear seat leg room.”


Since the Shelby American booth was outside of the “off-limits” zone, we were able to spend a little time examining their heavily massaged versions of various Fords. They literally asked Jack is he wanted to jump in and then happily popped the hoods. Thanks Shelby American guys!

Shelby Super Snake Widebody
“Very cool. They say it has something like 850 horsepower. That would be a great first car for a teenage boy, right?” [Jack’s Dad quickly informed him that he would NOT be getting said car for his 16th birthday.]

Thanks to Hooniverse and Blipshift for even entertaining the idea of bringing a young enthusiast to the show. Time for lunch.

[Ed’s Note – we have video of Jack’s take on the cars he was able to see. It will be up on Monday.]

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12 responses to “2013 NYIAS: Update from Jack”

  1. dwbf11 Avatar

    And the auto companies wonder why young people aren't interested in cars anymore. What possible reason could there be for prohibiting someone like this on the show floor? You'd think that this is exactly the type of person you'd want evaluating your new lineup, since in 3-4 years, he'll be shopping for one of these cars!

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      Now that should be discussed loudly among these deciders! Very nice response.

    2. Tomsk Avatar

      AFAIK, the 18 and under bans only apply to press preview days.

      1. danleym Avatar

        What, do they have naked women showing off the cars on press day? I mean, what possible reason could there be to deny a kid entry when he has legit credentials and the press he is with is doing a legitimate story with him?

  2. Al Navarro Avatar
    Al Navarro

    When jack was looking at the Spark EV, I had this strange epiphany that I was looking at the future. Not just the car, but the kid. When he's my age, chances are there will MANY more EVs on the road and cars like my Seven will be even rarer.

    1. OA5599 Avatar

      [youtube FAvQSkK8Z8U http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAvQSkK8Z8U youtube]

    2. Vairship Avatar

      No, your Se7en would just have full torque at zero RPM. Not necessarily a bad thing…

      1. sporty88au Avatar

        Also, if battery technology continues the way it's going, you might even be able to 'add lightness' by using an electric drivetrain in a few years. Even today, while they might not be especially light, some of the newer battery technologies suit being built into shaped packages which can then be placed in such a way to minimize any adverse effect on handling.
        This is giving me evil ideas for building an all-electric track day car – 4 small motors, 1 for each wheel, placed inboard to minimize unsprung weight, either an alloy spaceframe similar in design to an Ariel Atom with batteries shaped to fit in the voids of the frame, or a carbon fiber or alloy body tub with a central tunnel to contain the batteries (I'm visualizing it as a cross between a widened version of a Formula 1 car body tub and the spine frame used in some later Lotus cars). If only I had the time and the money to do it …..

  3. OA5599 Avatar

    Next time drag OLRF up to NYC. He'll figure out a way to get TooYoungJack past the EvilSecurityDude.

    1. longrooffan Avatar

      laughing my ass off….keep up with those nicknames and The Chief Blooger is gonna give you my key to the vault.

  4. LSB Scott V Avatar
    LSB Scott V

    It was strange when we went to the upper part of the show, there was a sign that said "must be 21 or over to enter." They're cars, let people in…the youth are the future, and they're entirely smarter than we are.

  5. 0ToTuttiFrutti Avatar

    Wow, what a smart articulate kid. He should however practice his British accent and Scandinavian Flick if he wants to make any money in this career.

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