2009 Westfield: For The Se7en Lovers in All of Us

The Lotus Seven, if you’re like me then you probably always wanted one, but… And there are a lot of buts. One has to do with the overall cost, another with practicality, and the overall package of impracticality. There are simply better bangs for the buck out there, but we all one that there is only one Se7en. And the several companies that make Se7en kits and replicas.

My question is what do you know about the Se7en and the Se7en used market? Do you know the going rates? What dictates the depreciation factor? What trim levels, options, and features are the most desirable? What about the available engines, which do you choose?

Here is a 2009 Westfield which was assembled by the original owner. The kit was ordered in 2007 and it took him apparently two years to complete. It is on sale now for $20,000 and based on the comments I saw that is a fair price.

What I personally like about this Westfield is the 1.6-liter NA Miata powertrain. While not overly powerful it will still provide plenty of fun in this lightweight roadster (is it a roadster?). Parts and upgrades are plentiful and very affordable and the powertrain is know to be long-lasting, reliable, and able to take abuse.

Another interesting feature, a bonus in my book, is the Miata ABS system. The system itself is rather ancient but it’s better than no ABS. If you want to do your best Schumacher impression I am sure that it can be easily disabled. Larger brakes from the 1.8-liter Miata are a nice touch.

this could be you!

Is $20,000 a fair value for this car? I really don’t know. I can think of a half dozen well-sorted, track-ready Miatas, E30s, and even E36s for about half of that price. For twenty grand you can step into a mint S2000 and a number of Boxsters, M Coupes and Roadsters. I won’t even mention older 911s, Corvettes, and similar. Yes, those won’t give you the gokart-like thrill of the Se7en but they are safer and more practical.


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