The Grandest of Cherokees – The Chief

He is sad because he is no longer in charge... also, pollution, can't forget pollution.
He is sad because he is no longer in charge… also, pollution, can't forget pollution.

The modern Jeep Grand Cherokee is a capable yet comfortable mid-size SUV. It is a good soccermom utility vehicle but it is also useful enough for the casual off-roader. It has gone through a few iterations over the years, but along the way it lost some of its nobility.  Through the majesty of the Los Angeles Craigslist system, we present to you what used to be – and what can be again…
Welcome to Chimney Rock... Would you like to buy some mules?
Welcome to Chimney Rock… Would you like to buy some mules?

I found this on Craigslist and I wanted to share it with you:

Mostly all redone except for weather-stripping and minor cosmetic details. About 18k invested in restoring. Rebuilt 360 v8 engine top and bottom , rebuilt tranny and transfer case. Everything under the hood are new components. Louvered hood. Switched from quadatrac to 4×4 with front lockers. All good belts, hoses , electrically and mechanically sound. Never been taken off roading and no accidents. In very reliable condition. Moved from mountains to the city and must sell. Please call Andre for more detailed info @ 530-990-2327

Only 5,900 wapum
Only 5,900 wapum

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  1. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    My mother used to imitate a stereotypical Native American war cry – hand flapping over mouth – when we saw a Cherokee Chief when I was a young child (it was usually an XJ, though there were a few SJs left). I think it was a bad joke she picked up from my father.
    I don't come from a politically-correct family, exactly.

  2. muthalovin Avatar

    That is really good for a Travel Etch-a-Sketch. Like, really, really good.
    The Jeep, ahhhh, "Never been taken off roading and no accidents." A Jeep must be wrecked and roaded to actually be a Jeep. Its part of the "Trail Ratting System"

  3. Dong Stanczak Avatar

    love it all day long

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