1939 “Porsche” Type 64 fails to find buyer at auction

The automaker Porsche was keeping well away from this one.

RM Sotheby’s was excited to move this one. Too excited, it seems, as the auctioneer spouted out figures that weren’t real. Bloomberg’s Hannah Elliott recounts the frenzy of folks anticipating a wild auction result before seeing the room deflated with the no sale of an odd Nazi duck.

The car in question here is a 1939 Type 64. It was built and driven by Ferdinand Porsche. This car was built before Porsche actually built Porsches though, so its provenance within the brand has been questioned by some. It certainly looks like an ancestral link to Porsche cars both past and present. Regardless, it’s a rare vehicle and the auction house was hoping it would clear $20 million.

As an odd joke, the bidding opened at a reported $30 million then quickly shot to an astonishing $70 million. But that was revealed to be wildly incorrect. The bidding was adjusted to show an opening bid of $17 million. And the air in the room was gone. There were no more bids coming in, so the auction was called just minutes after it opened.

It’s a weird result for an odd car.

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