1931 Chevrolet Build Update

There has been progress on the ’31 Chevrolet hot rod/rat rod. This is slow work, since we are making it up as we go, but we are moving forward. At last update, we had added some patch panels to the body and were trying to shore up the shell so it could be moved around without it collapsing like a house of cards. Though the photo above may look like it collapsed, it actually represents quite a lot of progress.

The body is now tied together front to back and side to side. It still needs a ton of work, but it can stand on its own now. We’ve also channeled the body to slide over the frame.

IMG_3091 Before


We tipped it on its side because we needed to add some welds to the underside and it sucks to lie underneath and weld and take all the hot bits that fall down on your face or chest or who knows what.


The cross-braces in the photo above are the beginnings of a floor, and they will serve to mount the body to the frame. The farthest forward one will end up getting cut to make room for a transmission tunnel, but for now, it is bracing things. And, off goes the body to the storage unit (the back porch) for now.


Sometimes projects like this progress with the arrival of new parts. In this case, the rear end suspension kit was next. A GM 10 bolt rear end was sourced from a swap meet. Then, we stripped the original springs and axle saddles and did several hours worth of measuring (a combination of us being slow witted and this step being important) to ensure the proper fit onto the ’31 frame.



And just like that (still needs the rear mounts fabricated), we have rear suspension.

We tacked in the brackets. After the rear shackle mounts are in place, we will add the cross-member for shock mounting, rims and tires, and it’ll be able to stand on its own two rear feet. One thing (almost) done, 7 million more to go…

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  1. CruisinTime Avatar

    Thanks for the update,looking forward to this one.

  2. mdharrell Avatar

    “A GM 10 bolt rear end was sourced from a swap meet.”
    I take it that’s a “no” to my earlier offer of the ’38 Plymouth parts, then?

    1. needthatcar Avatar

      Yeah, we are (I know you aren’t going to understand) going with mainstream parts for most. Good news though, it will be getting a 1959 401 Buick Nailhead instead of a SBC.

      1. mdharrell Avatar

        Purely for sentimental reasons my favorite Buick V8 is the 340, but the 401 is a perfectly good choice, too. What I don’t understand is this idea that Plymouth parts aren’t mainstream; Chrysler made so many of them.

        1. needthatcar Avatar

          I love Hooniverse, where 1938 Plymouth = mainstream.

  3. Tanshanomi Avatar

    What is this “progress” you speak of? Obviously, you are not familiar with the conventional way project vehicles are undertaken at Hooniverse.

    1. needthatcar Avatar
  4. discontinuuity Avatar

    Parallel leaf springs on an early Ford? That ain’t right…

    1. needthatcar Avatar

      It’s a Chevrolet…and that’s how it came from the factory. It also had parallel leafs on the front, but we’ll be using wishbones and a solid front axle – because they’re cool.

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