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A Week With a 35,000 Mile Tesla Roadster

Jim Yu June 26, 2013 Tesla Reviews


Well… what’s it like?

My friend with the Model S also has a Roadster Sport. He’s a good friend who knows I’m a car nut so he let me have the Roadster for a week. So, being Phaeton-less, I made it my daily driver. These are my impressions. … Continue Reading

Tesla Factory Tour And Model S Test Drive

This week, I tagged along with my friend, who took delivery of his Model S at Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California. (The lucky bastard already owns a Roadster Sport.) As a part of the pick-up, he (and his plus one) are entitled to a tour of the factory.

Unfortunately, cameras are not allowed in the factory. The lede photo was actually taken in the customer waiting room. The image is plastered on one of the walls. So what did I see and what did I learn from the tour? … Continue Reading

2010 Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5

2010 Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5 front 1_1280x724

Speak softly, carry a huge amount of torque.

It’s low and aggressive. A gaping, purposeful grille draws your eyes to the shark’s gill hood louvers, then along the flanks to the deep intakes on the rear fenders and to the integrated rear spoiler. The covered multi-unit headlights glare at you menacingly through iridescent lenses. Step inside and punch it. The space-age banshee wail emitted by the huge hand-wound electric motor will prick up the hair on the back of your neck. Put your hand on your neck later and you shouldn’t be surprised to find the seatback stitch pattern etched into your skin.

… Continue Reading


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